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Alesia Krush

Alesia Krush is a word-juggler and an SEO & SMM enthusiast at Link-Assistant.Com. She writes about all aspects of search, taking particular interest in things viral, trendy and cutting-edge. Alesia is also a contributing author and Link-Assistant.Com’s brand ambassador at different industry blogs.

12 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Companies with Limited SEO Budgets

September 17th, 2013 | Alesia Krush


Can't afford to hire an in-house SEO specialist or shell out a hefty sum of money to an SEO agency? No worries. There are certain quick fixes small business owners can resort to to improve their site's positions in the search engines without any agency help.

Find your focus

Before you do any search engine optimization on your site, it's important to know which SEO measures produce the most impact. Google uses hundreds of signals to rank sites in its search results, yet only a small portion of those signals have much weight - and it helps to know which ones.

Even though no one in the SEO world has ever seen Google's ranking algorithm, the collective SEO wisdom has long come up with its own estimate of search engine ranking factors and their importance. For instance, you can check out this Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors compiled (and regularly updated) by Search Engine Land. Read more »

What Social Sites Give You Dofollow Links? Here Are the Top 10 of This Year

August 1st, 2013 | Alesia Krush


When you share stuff on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, are the links you get in return counted by Google?

In fact, most links that come from social media sites are nofollow, that is, they don't pass any PageRank value to the pages they're pointing to.

Are there exception? Absolutely! Check out my latest post on Social Media Today that provides a list of top 10 social sites that give marketers an opportunity not only to share their content on social networks, but also to get dofollow links from those sites!

Redefining Link Bait Techniques: What Works In 2013

July 18th, 2013 | Alesia Krush


Viral marketing and its SEO cousin link bait have been around for a while.

By method of trial and error, marketers have long figured out emotional "hooks" that entice people to click "Like" or "Share", link to content and engage with it.

However, do these hooks stay the same or do they undergo transformation over time?

If we look at what pieces of content have gone viral in the industry in recent times, we'll see that the same good old link bait drives such as humor, freebies and others still work very well.

However, they're implemented in a slightly different way, with a twist.

How? See for yourselves. Read more »

5 Online Reputation Slips Every Blogger Should Avoid

June 10th, 2013 | Alesia Krush


The Internet makes our lives simpler in many ways. We can now conveniently send a letter via e-mail, have a teleconference with several friends at once on Google Hangouts, etc. However, along with this convenience comes the need to watch out for one’s digital reputation, because the Web is essentially a "public place" where one can get scrutinized, get talked about or make headlines at any given moment.

So, whether you are an individual blogger who makes a living blogging or you work for a company, you're probably concerned about the image you cut in the cyber space at least to some extent. Thus, here is my list of 5 online reputation slips to avoid, which could save you a lot of headache afterwards.

Annulling Other People's Values

They say that a good bartender never talks religion, politics or sports with his/her visitors. In these subjects, there's no middle ground and chances are you're going to hurt somebody's feelings. The same applies to other sensitive topics that can get people heated up. Read more »

Webmaster Tools for a Free-Hosted WordPress Blog: a Beginner’s Guide

February 22nd, 2013 | Alesia Krush


Many bloggers, online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers choose WordPress as a solution to setting up a free website for their business, since WordPress offers a comprehensive set of web publishing tools that includes a CMS (content management system), hosting, statistics, etc.

But, of course, the free WordPress package has its limitations, the main inconvenience being that you don't have full control of your site's set-up and can't effectively tune it to your needs. However, quite often this is because web publishers are simply not aware of the capabilities a free-hosted WordPress blogs has, and that's what I'd like to cover in this post.

WordPress Stats

Checking web statistics (traffic and engagement) is an integral part of any online promotional campaign. You may have a stunning blog with amazing content, but you need factual data to determine if your blog actually resonates with your audience. Read more »

AuthorRank Building: the Link Building of 2013?

December 28th, 2012 | Alesia Krush


Do you recognize the painting on the right? It was found in a French electrician's home garage in 2010. And it would be but a simple painting of a hand if it hadn't been identified as a previously unknown work of Pablo Picasso and valued some crazy sum of money. So, authorship matters. If you like a book by an author, you're likely to read another book by the same person.

As Google has been striving to become better at determining quality of webpages since time immemorial, it's only logical that it should one day arrive at the idea of assessing Web content quality based on who creates it.

And, closely connected with the notion of content authorship is the idea of AuthorRank: a reputation score assigned to a particular content creator that also affects where that content ranks in the search results. And this is when it gets interesting for us, SEOs.

From Agent Rank to AuthorRank: the chronology

Even though the Internet exploded with articles about Google's AuthorRank not so long ago, the idea behind this metric is definitely not new. Read more »