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Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia joined Link-Assistant.Com in late 2012 as a Community Manager and blog contributor. She's responsible for Link-Assistant.Com's social media presence, also being a passionate blogger and writing about social media, marketing, SEO, and more. Google +

Guessing game winner – congrats!

December 3rd, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Last week we asked you what tool we are going to update first.

The right answer is SEO SpyGlass!

Yes, it's true, and to know more about the completely updated tool read this sneak peek.

And now back to the contest. Read more »

Guess the tool we are going to update and win SEO PowerSuite Pro!

November 29th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Christmas and New Year are coming, and we have a special present for you. Read more »

How to clean up a messy Twitter profile: full audit checklist

November 22nd, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


If you are a community manager, you've probably created one or several social media accounts for brands or companies from scratch.

But imagine you have a customer who asks you to audit the social media account and (or) take care of it.

So once you've got the keys to the door you need to open it and see what you are going to work with.

Why do you need to audit and clean up a Twitter account?

There are chances Twitter strategy of the brand was not very wise. Most likely it was previously done unprofessionally (and now they hired you, hooray!). Read more »

Participate in #linkassistquiz and win a free copy of SEO in Practice

November 15th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Greetings to all SEOs, webmasters, business owners and marketers!

Today we invite you to take part in a Twitter quiz.

Do you have enough knowledge and expertise to win this?

Are you able to give the correct answers and compete with other SEO experts? Read more »

How to save your website from Google Image Mismatch Manual Penalty

November 14th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Google continues its work on cleaning search results from websites that use any kind of manipulation or spammy techniques.

A new type of manual penalty has been introduced to webmasters. It is called Image Mismatch Manual Penalty. That's how Google explains the meaning of it:

If you see this message on the Manual Actions page, it means that some of your site's images may be displaying differently on Google's search results pages than they are when viewed on your site.

Image mismatch penalty will affect how your site's images are displayed in Google.

Many site owners may be wondering if they're using images right, and whether their websites are vulnerable.

We'll explain the meaning of the punishment and give some recommendations on how to avoid seeing another manual penalty message in your Google Webmaster Tools. Read more »

BuzzBundle giveaway winner – congrats!

November 11th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


BuzzBundle giveaway is now over, and we thank you all for participating, sharing and commenting!

Our winner for today is Edgar Gelman from Vegga Consulting! Thanks for taking part in the giveaway and congratulations for winning the free copy of BuzzBundle software.

For those who didn't win: keep your chin up! Subscribe to our blog RSS, follow us on Twitter and don't miss future offers and contests from Link-Assistant.Com.

Happy holiday season!