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Becoming a Great Blogger – 5 Steps To Perfecting Your Style

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

by Scott Golembiewski

The ability to write a great blog takes time, and some successful bloggers will even tell you what they like, but ultimately it's up to you and whether you are driven to become a successful blogger.

Here are some key things that I believe successful writers and bloggers should have in mind when creating their posts. I truly enjoy writing and hope that I share some of that with you in the following post about 5 steps to perfect your style of writing.

1. Write with passion, and show emotion in your words

People connect with others when there's a sense of passion in the air, don't be afraid to speak strongly about your opinions. Give purpose to the information you are sharing. Explain complex ideas with good stories. When people can relate to a story they become much more connected and invested in what you are saying. You cannot fake passion. If you do not feel inspired about what you are writing then look elsewhere for other topics.

2. Be willing to share your knowledge

Sharing knowledge about a subject gives you the ability to speak naturally about it. This gives others the confidence to read through your information and subscribe. Provide examples where you may have demonstrated your knowledge within your niche. Your readers will become influenced by what you write if they trust the authenticity of your information. Share genuine experiences where you have learned things that you can speak clearly about, and provide reflection on how those experiences helped you change your thinking.

An example, replacing the brake pads on your vehicle - at first glance it may seem intimidating - something you'd never want to try. Although, within this is a story about one's courage to try a difficult task. Your readers will develop curiosity of what you might be willing to tackle next, and since you have the ability to articulate the steps with precision perhaps they can expect a variety of other helpful guides. Write naturally about your experience, your readers will connect and live through your exciting accomplishments and bravery.

3. Share real experiences, bond with your audience

When talking about your experience share examples of situations where you learn something new, don't be a know-it-all. Include examples where you made errors, and poke fun at yourself at times. Be sure to explain how these errors became valuable lessons, and be an inspiration to your readers. Many people seem to think that they can't talk intelligently about a subject without having years and years of experience doing the work. In actuality, it's these people that talk through their new experiences, sharing in great detail about what they're doing, that reinforce what they are talking about.

Don't be afraid to share your vulnerable, unique experiences, as well as your mistakes.

4. Give some depth to your writing by branching out

Discuss related subjects within your niche, and find a good range of subjects that interest your audience. Breakout your content into individual subjects - brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, etc. Use caution though, as you don't want to dilute the quality of your writing just to build out quantity and search engine traffic. Although, don't ignore SEO as it will help you gain more subscribers. As you write new content, make sure you link between these posts using good anchor text. Remember that some people land on your site seeking information so don't expect them to have the same patience as your existing audience. Think as though you were the one doing the search and landed on your article, what other information do you need? Create or link to that information, and be sure it's a credible resource if you link outside your domain.

5. Encourage your audience to participate

Get to know your audience. Recognize the style in which you get the most response from your writing. Perhaps you get a lot of comments on posts where you talk about a specific subject. It may be that your audience prefers to talk about that subject, or that you are able to talk about it naturally. By participating in your blog, responding to comments, sending e-mails to your readers, and asking for feedback, you will learn who your audience is and what you could do for them. Your readers will become your eyes and ears, alerting you to issues with your site or may even become valued contributors that make their writing debut on your blog.

About the Author

Scott is founder of a company called TuneyFish Inc. which provides Automotive Internet Marketing, SEO, and Turnkey Blog Services to car dealerships and you can catch him on Twitter at @tuneyfish.  Scott works with auto dealers on helping them build relationships to become more visible and approachable through blogging.

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