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Bring Old Content to Life and Attract New Links

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Blogging GuestBox Link Building

guest post by Nick Stamoulis 

If you've invested any time and effort into content marketing in the past year, chance are you sitting on top of some great content.

But just because a piece of content is old that doesn't mean it can't still attract new links for your site! In fact, older and aged content tends to do better in the search engines because it's more trusted, so why not leverage this little bit of extra value and bring your old content back to life!

Here are 5 ways you can bring new content to life and use it to generate new links:

1. Update white papers for 2013.

If you've ever written a white paper you know that it's no easy task. Even if you're used to pumping out a lot of great content on a regular basis, writing, publishing and promoting a white paper is a big step up from the usual blog post.

Let's say it takes you an hour or two to write a 500-1000 word blog post—how long did it take you to write that 9 page white paper? Chances are most of the content in your white paper is still relevant to your target audience, and even if there have been major updates to you industry in the past year all you need to do is add a new section as needed.

Don't let all that hard work sit on the shelf! Update your white papers for 2013 and re-promote them as new and improved content! Send the link to download the new version to everyone that downloaded the old, promote it with a blog post or email blast, share it on all your social networks, have a few partners review and promote it on their sites, maybe even buy a few banner ads on industry websites, and more.

2. Turn pre-recorded webinars into short videos.

Most videos don't need to be much longer than 2-3 minutes to give viewers a really great nugget of information. Think how many different ways you can slice and dice an hour long webinar! Each of those videos can be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as embedded in a blog post and then promoted via social media.

I also like adding videos to a Resource Section of a site (alongside your white papers, product spec sheets and so forth) so visitors to your site can easily find them.

Don't forget to optimize the video descriptions so your videos can rank organically as well! It's a great way to grow your online search presence and take a larger slice out of the SERPs for your own brand.

3. Re-promote your most popular blog posts.

Do a quick check into your analytics and see which blog posts were the most visited/shared/tweeted/Liked/promoted this year. These posts clearly resonated with your audience for some reason, so why not re-promote them?

If the content is still relevant chances are it will still resonate with your target audience. Hopefully your network has grown since the first time this post went live (I'd give it a few months) so there are plenty of people interacting with your brand now that have never actually read/interacted with this post before.  It's brand new content to them!

4. Incorporate links to your older content in company e-Newsletters.

Maybe you wrote a blog post or article that you were particularly proud of but it didn't seem to get the love you were expecting—that doesn't automatically mean your content failed. There are billions of pages of content to contend with and thousands more going live everyday; it's possible your content just got lost in the noise. Why not give it the old college try one more time and see if you can get that post the attention you know it deserves.

Drop a few links to some older content in your next company newsletter and see how people respond. It might just be the extra push that content needed to get the social shares you know it's capable of attracting.

5. Create a "Best of 2012" list.

Lots of brands do "Best of the Year" lists, so why not you? What were some of your favorite pieces of content from this year? Include blog posts, videos, articles and white papers, guest blog posts, interviews, infographics, big company news and announcements and so forth. Give those pieces of content another chance to shine!

It's important to keep in mind that you aren't trying to spin old content (meaning you take one article and submit it to a dozen different sites).  You're trying to recycle your old content and adopt it for a new platform to give it another shot at being found, shared, and linked to. You've put out a lot of great content this year, why not get more bang for your buck?!

About the Author

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing (, a white hat SEO company based out of Boston, MA. With 13 years of B2B SEO experience, Nick Stamoulis shares is knowledge by writing in the Brick Marketing Blog and hosting full-day SEO workshops in major cities across the country.

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