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BuzzBundle 2.0 is out: try the totally new version of the already-popular software for social management

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News Social Management Tools

The totally new and revamped BuzzBundle 2.0 is here!

No matter if you've seen it before or not, now this social media tool has a new face, and is a must-have addition to your internet marketing. Why?

Because there is only one software letting you do both:

1) see who's talking about your brand online and also

2) boost your social media presense in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, thousands of forums, blogs, Q&A sites.

This software is BuzzBundle, and now it's so much more convenient than before!

Check this quick video to get the idea:

Or just go here and grab the new BuzzBundle! 

Briefly, here's what's new:

- Better streamlined workflow

- Lighter and simpler interface

- More flexibility in what you track

- Convenient keyword grouping, and more!

Add this to all BuzzBundle's unique social media management features - and you've got the best tool to manage your brand reputation in social media:

The broadest social media coverage
This software supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, thousands of forums and blogs (and more coming soon).

Numerous social accounts managed by one person
You can run social activities for several persons if needed (ex. your personal account, PR or CEO for your company etc.)

Easy posting and messaging
You can post in discussions, schedule posts, send and receive private messages - all inside one tool.

See for yourself how easy and convenient your social media management can be - generate more buzz about your brand with the whole-new BuzzBundle 2.0!

Jump here to learn more!

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