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New features for FREE and paid users in BuzzBundle!

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Try all BuzzBundle's killer paid features FREE!

Many more features now unlocked in BuzzBundle's

New FREE edition

Today we’ve got lots of news to announce for all of our cherished customers!

- For those of you still checking BuzzBundle in and out, to make sure it suits your business well: and that is a chance to get many more features unlocked in you FREE BuzzBundle's edition

- As well as for all of you, devoted BuzzBundle users, who’d love to hear about the great new features just launched and planned for the coming moth

1. Not yet sure if BuzzBundle is the best SMM solution for your biz?
Try BuzzBundle full force with its new FREE edition!

Here’s the update you’ll surely fall for! With the new BuzzBundle FREE edition launched, now you can try many more BuzzBundle features even for free.

From now on, for the first 15 days after you've installed BuzzBundle on your computer, you not only have your BuzzBundle’s usual free-version functionality, but try many more of its powerful paid features:

 - Save projects to keep history of your social activities. Check out how convenient it is to keep the history of your social communications in one place. This way you can always get back to any dialog, message or comment you need without searching for it again.

BuzzBundle now looks like a gift
to any Internet marketer even in
its free edition!

Be the good person who shares it
with your contacts:

Share It!

- Find 70% of brand mentions. See how powerful BuzzBundle is in finding social buzz for your business. Now you can see at a glance what people say about your brand or products in all social sources - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, forums, blogs or Q&A sites.

- Create 2 different personas with hundreds of social profiles each. See how BuzzBundle lets you easily manage social communications for multiple personas you have to represent, be that your company rep for PR, your CEO, customer care, yourself and your grandma, or anyone else.

- Schedule up to 20 posts to be published to any needed social site. See how convenient it is to automate your social media activities with BuzzBundle – whenever needed, put you posts in queue to be published on set dates and hours.

Whether you’ve already tried BuzzBundle or not… now it's time to see BuzzBundle anew!

Over 25,000 customers already use BuzzBundle to promote their business in social media – and now you can see for yourself what make BuzzBundle their #1 software choice. Discover BuzzBundle's killer paid features and see for yourself why BuzzBundle is the wisest investment for your business!

2. Already use BuzzBundle and look forward to new great features?
Check out what’s new in BuzzBundle and what comes next!

Looking through lots of feedback from BuzzBundle users, we’ve come up with a huge list of top-useful updates that are sure to make BuzzBundle suit your SMM needs even better! This means BuzzBundle is to see lots of killer improvements in the coming months (and the first of them are already here), so just read on to see what’s new in your BuzzBundle now and what's going to happen this Autumn.

New in your BuzzBundle:

+1s for Google Plus

Now you can +1 any content in Google+ right from BuzzBundle in a single click of a mouse:


Refreshing separate streams in the workspace

Now you can refresh any stream you'd like, without updating other project data:


To get all the new features, just restart your BuzzBundle for an auto-update or download the freshest version from our website.

What comes next?

So, just as promised, this BuzzBundle update is just the first of many useful features we're going to roll out soon, and here's the brief outline of what will happen to BuzzBundle this month:

1. LinkedIn

- New LinkedIn mentions search. You might have noticed that LinkedIn has recently shut down their search facility, making it impossible for all SMM tools to find your brand mentions in this network. With the next release of the software, BuzzBundle will again be able to search for your brand mentions on LinkedIn and become the only SSM tool to monitor your brand’s presence on this network.

- LinkedIn business pages. Besides easily managing your personal LinkedIn pages, BuzzBundle will now help you manage your business pages too.

2. Twitter

- Following Twitter users right from the stream. With this great update, you won’t have to switch to your browser window to start following a Twitter user – you’ll be able to do that right from you BuzzBundle's streams.

3. Google+

- Using mentions in your Google+ posts. From now on, when posting to Google+ from BuzzBundle, you’ll be able to use its "mentions" feature.

4. Usability

- Many tweaks in BuzzBundle's usability – easier adding new social accounts, using same accounts and personas in multiple projects and much more.

With all these great improvements your BuzzBundle simply cannot fail! So don't wait a second more - check out the new BuzzBundle now and don’t miss all the fantastic updates that are coming!

More unlocked options in FREE edition
To make an informed decision!

More cool features in paid edition
To run SMM even better!

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