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Hippocratic Oath of a Social Media Manager: 30 Commandments

September 12th, 2013 | Olga Filonchuk


Some snobs say Social Media managers are useless staff and get their salaries for the job that could have been distributed between other departments with no harm. I will not fight with them (no, not today) and would rather suggest we imagined that SMM was as important as medicine for instance.

Imagine, you've entered the university to study SMM and now you're about to say your Hippocratic Oath. How will it look like?

social media oath

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New features for FREE and paid users in BuzzBundle!

September 3rd, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


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Today we’ve got lots of news to announce for all of our cherished customers!

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Social Media Managers : what they do & what they should do

July 16th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


social media
Photo Credit: photo by Richard Goodwin,

As a Social Media Manager at Link-Assistant.Com I participate in social media communities, talk to people that work in the same field, including SEOs, Internet Marketers, PPC specialists and so on.

All in all specific jobs often are surrounded by numerous misconceptions, and I believe this is almost inevitable. And there is a big misconception about the job of a social media manager. It comes from people who manage social media networks and from those who do other jobs in companies. Read more »

5 Tools for Making Awesome Marketing Infographics

June 27th, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Brittney Stephenson 

Have you had infographics on your mind, but no budget to hire a graphic designer?

Fortunately, along with the rise in popularity of infographics over the last few years has come a flood of inexpensive online tools that anyone can use to create them. And if you haven't been thinking about incorporating infographics into your content marketing strategy, you definitely need to start.

Why infographics? A HubSpot survey conducted earlier this year found that 62% of companies now publish a blog. There's a huge volume of content being produced on a daily basis, all vying for consumers' attention.  And while there's no denying that whitepapers, eBooks, and blog posts can be great for building industry authority and generating leads, this shouldn't be the only type of content you create.  People love information they can consume quickly and easily, which is why infographics are a perfect choice to change up a text heavy routine.

Need more convincing? Images create a lot more engagement on Facebook compared to text posts, and if they really hit the right mark, infographics can help build links and provide you with a great boost in traffic. The first infographic created for our company's blog is just over a month old, and it's already one of our most popular posts! It's also the most pinned image off of our website (you can see what other people are pinning from your site too by checking out

Here are 5 tools I recommend to get you started building your own infographics. Read more »

6 Effective Strategies to Overcome Summer Sales Slowdown

June 12th, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


Summer is a low sales season for many businesses.

We recommend you to follow these simple steps to keep your sales from summer drop:

There's no sales pitch in this post.

If your biz tends to suffer summer sales slowdown, these effective strategies for summer marketing will help you raise sales for the coming couple of months.

Start your effective summer strategy now.

Streamline your SEO, PPC and social activities
and grow your sales this summer!

Monthly SMM Ninja Plan: Neo Lessons

May 29th, 2013 | Olga Filonchuk


The information flow on Social Media is enormous, strong as a flood and fatal for your personal and working time like a hurricane. Yes, it's almost a natural phenomenon where you have little control without proper beforehand planning and which development curve has already acquired a negative tendency.

Before you look at the comics and then hurry up to close the tab with this article, I just want to confirm it's not a WWBD (what would Buffy do) post (WWND - what would Neo do - in our case). We're trying to dig deeper and suggest you on applying feasible solutions to your ambitious SMM month plan that looks usually like this:

Social Media Comics

You know multitasking, I know multitasking and Neo is the king of multitasking, but who cares if you just don't have time for everything? Aha, you think that this is what to-do lists are for: to help you manage your activities. But before we talk about your activities, let's focus on your goals first. Read more »