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The Ultimate Guide to Brand Management for Online Marketers

October 21st, 2013 | Alesia Krush


brand logos


"Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image."

David Ogilvy




What is a brand? It is a visual, auditory or conceptual image (or all these things at once) that people associate with your product or service.

For instance, when one sees the red Coca Cola logo or hears the Coca Cola signature tune, such things like the taste of the beverage, its texture and color spontaneously spring to mind.

The brand also helps your product or service stand out in the market, but whether you achieve this or not depends on how well-researched and ingenious your branding strategy is.

In short, brand management lies in creating and maintaining your brand's image in such a way that it is:

  • easily recognizable (this is achieved by being proactive and consistent with branding efforts) Read more »

How to Measure if Your Press Releases Do The Job

September 21st, 2012 | Aleh Barysevich


Has it ever puzzled you  that your press release distribution service, no matter how reputable and pricey, won't deliver the results you expect? Or you do free PR distribution and keep wondering if your time and efforts are worth the aftermath.

PR effectiveness is the topic I covered in my recent guest post at  State of Search.

I think that to see if a press release was effective, we should state the list of PR goals first. Here's the pyramid that summarizes the most common goals for PR distribution:

In 5 Key Indicators to Measure your Press Release Effectiveness you'll find out that things worth looking at when assessing the PR distribution results include: Read more »

How to Write, Distribute a Press Release Online and Track the Way It Works Out

April 5th, 2011 | Olga Gabdulkhakova


Recently Link-Assistant.Com announced the introduction of the universal search feature into Rank Tracker. One of the popular universal search blocks is News, and website promoters try to get their press releases into this section to pass over some link juice to their websites. This purely SEO purpose, however, doesn't exclude the original aim of PR writing – reporting on news, attracting journalists and bloggers.

In this post we'll discuss whether press releases are good for SEO and are worth the efforts and resources spent on their writing and distribution. We'll also show you how to track the effectiveness of your press releases. Read more »