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BuzzBundle 1.0b8: send messages, share other users’ updates and like posts on LinkedIn!

January 31st, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


In case you missed out on that, last week LinkedIn was added to the list of networks, supported by BuzzBundle.

For eight days now, our users have been enjoying:

- brand and keyword mentions from LinkedIn in their BuzzBundle streams,

- commenting and joining LinkedIn conversations right from BuzzBundle,

- posting LinkedIn profile updates,

- creating new LinkedIn accounts without leaving the software,

- scheduling LinkedIn posts and comments.

Today our developers released the new version, and it allows for even more freedom with LinkedIn marketing.

Meet BuzzBundle 1.0b8:

Here's what you can do with your hot-off-the-press version of BuzzBundle:

-          Send Messages

-          Like LinkedIn posts

-          Share other users' updates

To perform all these actions as part of your LinkedIn strategy, all you need to do is restart your BuzzBundle to let it auto-update - or download it from the website.

P.S. If you still don't have a BuzzBundle license, get one here.

LinkedIn – Now Supported by BuzzBundle tool

January 22nd, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


LinkedIn has just reached 200,000,000 members, have you heard? You simply can't miss out on this huge audience and now BuzzBundle is here to help!


That's right, now your BuzzBundle supports LinkedIn professional network, letting you:

- See who's talking about your brand on LinkedIn
- Post LinkedIn profile updates right from the software
- Leave comments and join conversations
- Automatically create new or use existing accounts
- Schedule your LinkedIn messages
- And more

Now you can build your authority and gain exposure in ever-growing and already 200+ million LinkedIn user base!

Just jump up here to see how to start using LinkedIn in BuzzBundle.

What comes next?

Looks like BuzzBundle's supported sources list is already quite impressive. Still the work's boiling here, with many more social services planned for the next months!

Make sure you take advantage of everything BuzzBundle offers now and check what's planned for BuzzBundle next months.