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Lord of the Code Egg Hunt: Egg 2 Squashed

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt


Great job, everyone - the second Egg of Smaug the Dragon has just been found!

Day 2 answer code was...


And here is what the clues we shared on Day 2 actually meant:

- One was supposed to perform a Web search for "the trace of the blue dwarf’s awesome might".

- The only search result for this exact-match query (besides the newly indexed blog post with the clues) was
this page on the Link-Assistant.Com website.

- Then, one was supposed to enter their name and email (2 personal things about themselves) into the Download form on the page (the double-headed red monster).

- On the Thank You page that appears after one clicks Download, one had to scroll down and follow the link to our Facebook page (the Wall built by the Sugar Mount man – “Sugar Mount” would be “Zucker Berg” in German; Mark Zuckerberg is founder of Facebook).

- We shared a link to “Must-Read SEO Guidelines for 2013” (the Book of Secrets) on Facebook on January 3rd (However, some of the folks said they saw it as published on January 4th because of the time zone differences)

Day 2 skillful hunters are…

Now, let’s salute those who helped up destroy the second Egg inside the steaming mouth of Mount Oracle! Our CONGRATS to the 285 hunters who provided correct answers!

Day 2 prizes go to…

And now, greet the lucky fellas to win day-2 prizes:

Joshua Garrett Prize 1 SEO PowerSuite Enterprise + BuzzBundle (value $798)
Jack McGraw Prize 2 GetResponse Annual subscription - 5,000 subscribers (value $540)
Christiaan Bollen Prize 3 Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)
Dolly Estrada Prize 4 i-Newswire Gold Plan Membership (value $77)
Sakshi Bajaj Prize 5 50 Flippa credits (value $50)

The prizes will be delivered to the winners' email addresses between April 1st and April 3rd. For any questions regarding the prizes, please, contact our support.

Did not win your prize today? There are still 3 days of the hunt to go! Join us now and get your reward!

Egg Hunt prizes for Day 3 (March, 27)

Prize 1. WebMeUp 6 months of Standard Plan (value $599.7)
Prize 2. Mouseflow 3 months of Medium Plan (value $190)
Prize 3. GetResponse Annual subscription - 2,500 subscribers (value $300)
Prize 4. BuzzBundle (value $199)
Prize 5. Feng-GUI 100$ package (value $100)
Prize 6. Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)

Ready for another day of adventure? Then grab your just-from-the-front Day 3 clues!



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