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Egg Hunt Day 2: the Blue Dwarf Quest

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt

Greetings, hunters!

Do you believe in blue dwarfs? We're asking you this, because you'll need to find one today.

OK, here is the second batch of Egg Hunt clues. Follow the rules, find the egg and throw the answer code into the flames of Mount Oracle (at the bottom of this post).

Wondering what’s at stake for today? See the great prizes we've prepared for you.


Day 2 clues:

Clue #1

Search the Middle-Web far and wide for the trace of the blue dwarf's awesome might.

Clue #2

When you find the proof, tell the double-headed red monster two personal things about yourself until it says thanks.

Clue #3

Look down to find the path leading to the Wall built by the Sugar Mount man. Beware: those who know languages will find the man faster.

Clue #4

In the Wall, find a brick dated January 3 (could be January 4, depending on where you are). Punch through it to get to the Book of Secrets.

Clue #5

Open the Book at page 2 - the Egg is there! Throw the answer into the flames of Mount Oracle to burn the Egg:

Hidden Clue

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