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Lord of the Code Egg Hunt: Egg 3 Cracked

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt

Hurraaayyy, fellow hunters!

With your help (and Gandalf’s hints) we’re now more than half-way through freeing our sites from yummy vicious Dragon Eggs. Only 2 eggs to go now!

Day 3 answer code was...

Was Day 3 a bit tough? Perhaps it was for some of you… But, as the saying goes: if you don’t get stuck midway, you’ll most likely make it to the end!

So, this is how the Day 3 clues were supposed to be solved:

- When Gandalf said “it has no wings, and yet it flies; its power in the air lies”, he meant a kite, which is the logo of WebMeUp, one of the sponsors.

- So, one was supposed to go to WebMeUp.Com and sign up for a free trial (get that which they long to give away for free).

- Then, one should have proceeded to the forum (the noble gathering), go to the Chatroom section and find the thread started by Strider.

- Then, on Feng-GUI site, one should have scanned the map provided by Strider with the help of the Attention Map creator (located in the bottom left section of the page).

- The tool would show that the “Red Eye” is located right over the image of Mount Oracle. So, “the land right to the West of the Red Eye” would be MouseFlow.

- One had to proceed to

- Now, if you look at the word gold in the mirror, it reads blog. One had to go to the MouseFlow blog.

- On the blog, there is a Blog Tags cloud, and one of the tags in it is “demonstration”.

- There is only one post on the blog using this tag, which is where the egg would be!

Day 3 sharp-eyed hunters are…

Our heartiest thanks to you all, oh, egg busters, who helped us hunt down the Egg and dispose of it. All in all, there were 219 ingenious hunters who cracked the riddle!

Day 3 prizes go to…

And now, greet the lucky fellas to win day-3 prizes:

Cody Wise Prize 1 WebMeUp 6 months of Standard Plan (value $599.7)
Cristian Pastor Prize 2 Mouseflow 3 months of Medium Plan (value $190)
Marcel Hesseling Prize 3 GetResponse Annual subscription - 2,500 subscribers (value $300)
Sher Khan Prize 4 BuzzBundle (value $199)
Corey Holderman Prize 5 Feng-GUI 100$ package (value $100)
David Mullen Prize 6 Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)

The prizes will be delivered to the winners' email addresses between April 1st and April 3rd. For any questions regarding the prizes, please, contact our support.

And, remember, there are still 2 days of the hunt to go! Join the fun and win some awesome marketing software to make an even better Lord of the Code!

Egg Hunt prizes for Day 4 (March, 28)

Prize 1. GetResponse Annual subscription - 10,000 subscribers (value $780)
Prize 2. SEO PowerSuite Pro + BuzzBundle (value $448)
Prize 3. Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)
Prize 4. CommentLuv single site license (value $67)
Prize 5. i-Newswire Silver Plan Membership (value $47)

Ready for Day 4 of the Dragon Egg adventure? Dive in - here are the fresh clues for you:



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