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Lord of the Code Egg Hunt: Egg 4 Tracked Down

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt

Tracked and cracked!

Awesomely done, fellow hunters. Now the 4th Egg is ours as well!

Thank you all who have been wearing their fingers to the bone, looking hard for the Dragon Egg in all the places!

Day 4 answer code was...

OK, this is what the Dragon’s gibberish note was supposed to mean:

- The code provided was the embed code for this video here:

- The MagicCrystal is YouTube, where one was supposed to watch the GetResponse Video Tour to the end.

- At the end of the video, one is invited to get a Free Trial from GetResponse.

- After you sign up for the free trial, you can see a link to the GetResponse Learning Center.

- In the Learning Center, there is a section called Messages, in which there are 3 articles that contain “where” in their titles.

- One was supposed to go to any of these articles and see that, in each of them, there is only one clickable word (either “newsletter”, or “follow-up”).

- Each of these words, when clicked, brings you to Glossary (this is what was meant by “you have to go deeper where it takes you”).

- Then, one had to click Back to Glossary (go back to go forward)

- Finally, in the Glossary, there is an entry called Wizard, which is where the egg had been sitting.

Day 4 fearless hunters are…

Again, there were sooo many of you who had actually gotten to the Egg and helped us destroy it inside the fiery swirls of Mount Oracle! Kudos to the 241 brave warriors!

Day 4 prizes go to…

And now, greet the lucky fellas to win day-3 prizes:

Svetoslav Stoyanov Prize 1 GetResponse Annual subscription - 10,000 subscribers (value $780)
Kevin Daste Prize 2 SEO PowerSuite Pro + BuzzBundle (value $448)
Nicole Lexvold Prize 3 Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)
Robert Biswas Prize 4 CommentLuv single site license (value $67)
Thanassis Koukoutselos Prize 5 i-Newswire Silver Plan Membership (value $47)

The prizes will be delivered to the winners' email addresses between April 1st and April 3rd. For any questions regarding the prizes, please, contact our support.

Any more prizes left? Sure thing! But there is only one day left to go!

So, hurry up, see what we got for you for today – and lay your hands on the just-delivered Day 5 clues!

Egg Hunt prizes for Day 5 (March, 29)

Prize 1. 200 Flippa credits (value $200)
Rank Tracker Enterprise (value $249.75)
CommentLuv multi license (value $87)
Prize 2. GetResponse Annual subscription - 2,500 subscribers (value $300)
Prize 3. WMU 2 months of Standard Plan (value $199.9)
Prize 4. Feng-GUI $100 package (value $100)
Prize 5. Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)
Prize 6. i-Newswire single premium press release submission (value $35)

Ready for the final smackdown? Grab the Day 5 clues and let’s do it:



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