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Egg Hunt Day 5: Postcard from Tom Bombadil

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt

Shhh… Did you hear that, hunters?

Sounds like the owl’s wings, doesn’t it? The feathered creature has just delivered a postcard from Tom Bombadil himself.

The reverse side has a list of the awesome prizes we have prepared for today. But the front side… Yeah, you know, Tom Bombadil is an eccentric fellow (and his boots are yellow), so you’ll have to figure this out by yourselves.

Luckily, we have been able to get some clues for you:

Day 5 clues

Clue #1

Go to the place indicated in Tom Bombadil’s postcard.

Clue #2

When you get there, press the central log in the threshold - a door will open.

Clue #3

Enter the enchanted forest and listen to what the blue birds are chirruping about.

Clue #4

Find the bird that prompts you to stay ahead of the game.

Clue #5

Once on the spot, you will see a path leading to the apple garden; follow it.

Clue #6

To go further, you should ask our ally for help.

Clue #7

After that, ask them what their definition of joking is. This will lead you to the egg!

Hidden Clue

You can get an extra clue if you share this in one of the social networks:

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