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Lord of the Code Egg Hunt Is Over: Last Egg Busted!

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Hurrraaayyyy, we’re barely able to conceal our joy!

Fellow hunters, did you hear? The evil Dragon Eggs that have kept use busy for 5 whole days (!) are no more!

The sites of our allies are now all squeaky clean of this curse - and this is thanks to YOU!

Day 5 answer code was...

All right, perhaps you’re wondering how we tracked down the very last Egg? Here is how one was supposed to solve the clues:

- Tom Bombadil’s postcard was a QR code, which one was supposed to scan and then head to Flippa.Com.

- “The central log in the threshold” is the link to the Blog in Flippa’s site footer.

- “The enchanted forest” where “the birds are chirruping” is Twitter – one was supposed to go to Flippa’s Twitter account.

- Among other Flippa’s tweets, there is a tweet about Flippa’s new iPhone app that lets you “stay ahead of the game”.

- When you follow the link in the tweet, you get to Flippa’s blog post about this.

- Any link in the blog post leads to a page in Apple’s iTunes store (the apple garden), where the app is being sold.

- This is where one was supposed to click Flippa Support (ask our ally for help).

- Finally, on Flippa’s support page, one should have searched for “joking” and find this page - that was where the Egg had been hiding!

Day 5 valiant warriors…

Now, let’s greet those 198 warriors, who stood to the end and had been of huge help in our final battle with Smaug the Cunning Dragon!

Day 5 prize winners…

And here are the names of probably the luckiest of all hunters who threw correct answers into the flames of Mount Oracle:

Miguel Flores Prize 1 200 Flippa credits (value $200)
Rank Tracker Enterprise (value $249.75)
CommentLuv multi license (value $87)
Lynn Elliott Prize 2 GetResponse Annual subscription - 2,500 subscribers (value $300)
Fernando Seminario Prize 3 WMU 2 months of Standard Plan (value $199.9)
Amit Wadhwa Prize 4 Feng-GUI $100 package (value $100)
Alex Giannatos Prize 5 Mouseflow 6 months of Small Plan (value $78)
Brennan Mack Prize 6 i-Newswire single premium press release submission (value $35)

The prizes will be delivered to the winners' email addresses between April 1st and April 3rd. For any questions regarding the prizes, please, Help & Training.

Thanks to the Sponsors!


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So, when one adventure ends, another one begins...

Till next time, and Happy Easter, everyone!


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