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Get 100x more SEO effect from your social media campaigns! [In-house tested method]

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Tools Social Management Tools

After June 22 (latest Penguin update) all of us SEOs started repurposing Social Media, as they're now the only risk-free source of links.

Today we share with you the in-house method and new SEO PowerSuite features to measure and increase SEO effect of your social media campaigns.

(And a special offer on SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle!)

Create the unbeatable SEO-SMM blend:

- Boost your natural link count 1000X

- Measure effectiveness in Social Media

- Create powerful link bait

With this real working method to measure and improve your SMM results!

1. Measure effect to drive success

We'll share our in-house methodology to focus on success and show SEO PowerSuite with new SMM features.

2. Make your social link profile self-growing

Learn to create perfect viral link bait with the tools you already have but never thought you'd use them this way.

3. Save today on the best SEO and SMM tools

Get extra 15% off SEO PowerSuite, BuzzBundle or both, for 3 days only.

With social media turning the safest way of after-Penguin link building, you can't ignore it. And now you've got just what you need to get things rolling:

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