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Google’s GL Parameter Explained

| Posted in category Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to be able to check rankings as if you were in another country? It's no secret that Google nowadays biases the search results based on your IP or GSM (this is what they call "geolocation"), which sometimes hampers your rankings check.

Now, here is the deal. There is an unassuming yet powerful parameter in Google that you can leverage to disguise your queries as if coming from another country. I'm talking about Google's "gl" parameter that you can simply add to your search query URL and hence beat Google's geolocation.

To learn how to make use of the "gl" parameter, please, read our recent post on StayOnSearch.Com. Besides, the parameter is now supported in our keyword tracking tool, Rank Tracker.


P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of the huge new backlink source for SEO SpyGlass! We are running final in-house tests 😉 ;).

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