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Guide to New and Little-Known Features of SEO PowerSuite

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

update-alertA few months ago we've compiled a special guide to the little-known features inside SEO PowerSuite. The guide was based on the common questions and requests coming to our support and it looks like it did help you guys get a bit more productive.

Quite a bunch of new features were added to the tools since then and a new version of SEO PowerSuite is coming out today. So, we decided to make another guide to introduce you to the new features released in the today's version as well as take a walk through some of the recently added functionality you might have been missing out on. You can check out the new guide here.

And here's a short overview of what's coming out in today's release and other little-known features covered in the guide:

Ranking Factors

A number of ranking factors were added to LinkAssistant and SEO SpyGlass to help you dive deeper with your SEO analysis.

  • Pages indexed in search engines – shows you the exact number of pages on a domain that have been indexed by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Russian Yandex
  • Cache date – lets you quickly check when a particular page was last crawled and cached by Google and Bing
  • Compete Rank –a website popularity metric provided by a web analytics company. Just like Alexa Rank that's been a ranking factor in SEO PowerSuite for quite a while now, Compete Rank shows you how popular a website is with Internet users. It's always good to have several data sources to rely on.
  • Compete Traffic – both Compete and Alexa ranks only give you a rough idea of the traffic to a site. Compete Traffic, on the other hand, let's you see how many people actually visited the site last month, so that you have a clear picture of a site's traffic volume.

Data management features

  • Sorting project tabs – you can now sort all of your currently opened projects in alphabetical order to make the navigation between project tabs easier.
  • Notes column – a special column was added to SEO PowerSuite tools, where you can leave your notes to make reminders, group entries or mark them for custom sorting.
  • Visibility column – a new column added to Rank Tracker where you can see your visibility score for each keyword without having to switch to the report tab.

Better Integration

  • Import from CSV in LinkAssistant – a new feature in LinkAssistant that lets you migrate data from SEO SpyGlass (as well as any CSV file)

As usual, to get the fresh release of SEO PowerSuite simply restart your tools to automatically update to the latest version. If you don't have the software installed yet or the auto-update doesn't start for some reason download SEO PowerSuite manually.

And check out the second guide to take advantage of the new features and uncover some of the SEO PowerSuite potential you might have missed.

See you on Google's front page!

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