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Hot update: New backlink SEO reports in SEO SpyGlass

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New backlink reports in SEO SpyGlass

Seems everyone’s getting crazy of new SEO reports ever since the first ones came out in Rank Tracker and LinkAssistant. Ready to get even more of them now?

Hot-new backlink SEO reports are now in SEO SpyGlass

So yeah, finally SEO PowerSuite’s new approach to SEO reports is about to boost your backlink research as well.

The two new backlink reports you get in SEO SpyGlass today compare to nothing in how clear, up-to-the-point and full of priceless data they are.

They show a site’s whole backlink structure, split into visual graphs and diagrams, clear-cut tables and historical overviews, covering everything you should care for when analyzing backlinks.

Grab new backlink reports and get many more

So right now, with one special download of SEO PowerSuite, you get the killer new SEO reports for 3 of your tools (Rank Tracker, LinkAssistant and SEO SpyGlass).

The reports are in beta for now. This means some end-user testing will take place before the reports come to wide public in stable (and show up in WebSite Auditor as well). So now you get access to this SEO reporting gem even before other SEOs find it existing.

Just get your hands on the freshest SEO PowerSuite download

Grab this unfair advantage over the rest of the SEO world – be the first to discover how smart and clear SEO reports can be. Jump up for a quick download:

SEO PowerSuite for Windows

SEO PowerSuite for Mac OS X

SEO PowerSuite for Linux

If you already have the reports’ beta installed, just restart the tools for auto-update.

How to find new reports

1) Switch to the Reports tab of your freshly-installed tool and

2) Choose new reports from the drop-down menu on the right:

Drop-down menu









Note: As the new version is based on largely improved calculation algorithms, after you modify your projects in it, they won't any longer fit for the older versions. So you may back-up your old projects just in case you wish to open them in the old SEO PowerSuite later on.

And don't forget:

If you don’t have an SEO PowerSuite license yet, here's where you get your license for full access to SEO PowerSuite's reporting features.


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