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How to Increase Traffic and Conversions Using Videos

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Veronica Davis

Videos are one of the fastest-growing mediums online. They are among the most shareable content type on the internet, which means you should be using them for your website and business. Videos have a broad age range as well and according to statistics from YouTube, over 3 billion are watched daily! With such incredible numbers, it is easy to see why videos can be effective in increasing traffic.

According to a recent survey to calculate the effectiveness of videos, 18% of the keywords generated video results in search engine pages. Ranking a video isn't rocket science, either. So if you aren't using video marketing you are literally leaving money on the table.

If you are using videos, are you doing it right? Many websites do not use videos as efficiently as possible to drive conversions and traffic. Let's look at some of the ways videos can be helpful...Product videos

Product videos are a great starting point for online window shoppers. They tell more about the product, its features and looks. It’s easier and more convenient than going through still images of products that may not necessarily look like the actual product. It also takes away from the two-dimensional aspect of the internet by giving a complete 360-degree, real live view.

Build good relationships with customers

With videos, the opportunities are limitless. By entertaining the customers, you can create a loyal base that looks forward to your videos and even shares the same with their friends thus increasing your fan base. Be personable, honest, entertaining… it doesn't matter. Just don't be fake. They'll see right through it. If you're relaxed and talking to them like you actually care, don't you think they'll remember that? If it's entertaining, don't you think they'll share it? Here's a clever, entertaining product promo video…!

Easily shareable

The biggest aspect of videos is that people love to share videos be it commercials, real videos, product demos or anything else they like. Most importantly, videos have now become an integral part of social media and sharing on facebook and Twitter ensures a much larger reach.

So the question arises, how do we make videos, upload, and share? Simple! All you need is a video recorder which could be a cell phone, a camcorder or even a digital camera with video recording capabilities. Shoot the video and copy it on your computer. You may need to convert the video for online usage, though. There are quite a few free softwares available to get the job done, along with a few online services as well.

The best one out there is the YouTube video editor that allows you to combine, edit, trim, and add new videos of varying formats.  The best part of this facility is that you can edit your video in less than 30 minutes!

Login to your YouTube account,  go to TestTube and click Video Editor (or visit Once there, upload the video you have just shot to edit. Once uploaded, drag and drop the video to the storyboard or click the (+) icon next to the video. Now that the video has been added to the editing panel, you can begin playing around. You can trim the video, remove certain sections, crop the video, combine two or more videos, add subtitles and even add an audio track if required. Once the editing is done, you can publish the video by adding a new title to it and any tags.


  • Remember to add keywords to allow online search engines to crawl your video as well. Search YouTube for your main keyword and look at the top ranking videos. Look at what keywords they used.
  • Include the URL to your site in the very beginning of your description.
  • Go to any backlink checker. Put in the URL to the top ranking video to see what kind of backlinks it has. Use that to figure out possible backlinks you can get for yours.
  • Search Google for a few keywords you're thinking of targeting. Are there any video results? If so, that could be your video there.

About the Author

Veronica Davis is an internet business columnist for Examiner. She enjoys writing about social media, how to make money online, SEO and anything that can be helpful to business owners, websites or entrepreneurs.


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