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My favorite social media posts of 2011 (and 2012 since I keep updating this post)

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"You like talking to people. Why don't you do social media stuff for us?" my boss asked one morning. "Why not," was my first thought. "Holy sh***," was my second... This post is about my Twitter journey with links to the most useful social media posts I found in 2011, and keep on finding in 2012. Let's delve right in!

All kidding aside, this is how I started out on Twitter

  • tweeting 20+ tweets in a row followed by days of complete and utter silence
  • not checking DMs
  • not following back
  • talking to myself, about myself
  • not checking @mentions (to be blunt and honest, I didn’t even know what those were)
  • Need I even talk about analytics? Because clearly I didn’t measure a thing.

Oh, and speaking of DMs, I nearly blew a review offer by SEO Book (if not for TweetDeck, we'd totally miss out on a few nice reviews).





Yep, it was pretty bad. Guys, really, thanks for sticking around @LinkAssistant and putting up with my blunders.

Things you need to know up front about social media

If there's one thing my blunders taught me early on it was this: either commit to social media, or don’t even bother to sign up. Though when you read that over 20% of all web traffic comes from social media, is not signing up really an option?

I also quickly learned that tweeting at social peak times, sharing quality content, in moderation and regularly is the most efficient way to tweet, increase clicks, add followers and save time, too.

And, of all things, time is a hot commodity because any social media guy will tell you: Twitter/Facebook (fill in the gap) is highly addictive and you get distracted easi…

My favorite social media posts

These blog posts seriously shifted my social media paradigms and I am happy to report - the tips on there really do work! Get reading - lots of valuable, hand-picked content is coming your way.

Twitter 101

Start out with these quick and fun "appetizers" - How to Use Twitter and How to use Twitter Reply

(New!): 3 Twitter Tips for Untrained Tweeters

A word on Twitter favorites

3 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites and Why Twitter Favorites Aren't Really Your Favorite Tweets

Twitter hashtags

(New!): How to Find Great Hashtags for Your Tweets

Hashtag Stuffing Doesn’t Work for B2B Twitter Accounts

Twitter abbreviations

(New!): OMG! Over 40 Twitter Abbreviations You Should Know

Twitter symbols

(New!): The Ultimate Guide To Adding Cool Symbols To Your Tweets

Twitter Apps (personally tested these with great success)

8 Great Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting Like A Pro

When to tweet

The Science of Social Timing (Infographic)

How to Tweet (and how not to)

(New!): 15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Seuss

(New!): 7 Twitter Habits To Adopt In 2012 To Double Your Followers

5 Obvious Social Media Mistakes

How NOT to Tweet With Your Customers

(New!): Retweeting When You Get a #FF Mention - Yay or Nay?

(New!) 8 Reasons People Aren’t Following You Back on Twitter

Twitter Design

I've battled with Twitter backgrounds for some time. This is THE best post on the topic I've found.

Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices


which is a Twitter hashtag for the new Twitter interface - definitely something to read up on

#NewNewTwitter: A New Opportunity for Marketers

(New!): Do's And Don'ts For Twitter Brand Pages [STUDY]

(New:!): 100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

Twitter and Automation

This is a contentious topic among Twitter users. To use SEO software and social media automation tools or not is really up to you. I don't automate simply because I’m tweeting for the sake of conversation (big picture), and not for the sake of the follower count (short run picture). Some disagree, and if you feel up for it here are two great posts:

My Twitter Revelations

TweetAdder: How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Twitter is suing TweetAdder and a few other Twitter automation products in an effort to fight spam. So you may want to hold off on your automation project as using such tools may soon be illegal.

Twitter and Links

You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention?

New Twitter Data: Optimal Link Placement for Clicks

(New!): The Unofficial URL Shortener Etiquette

Who to follow on Twitter

The idea: Are You Talking to the Right People? & (New!): Ted’s Twitter Follow-Back Policy

Cool tweeps

(New!): Who Are The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers?

Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women

Twitter’s 30 Most Eligible Bachelors

(New!): Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2012 Winners!

(New!): Top Marketing Professors on Twitter

And since I recently stumbled upon some great Facebook tips, I’m itching to share those too :)

Great Facebook posts

The Ultimate Guide to the Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

23+ Essential Facebook Page Applications to Improve Fans Engagement in 2012

And finally, if you are scared to start, my best advice is JUST DO IT. Don’t linger, don’t wait, don't chicken out. Just open a Twitter account, make a Facebook page and hone your social skills as you go. If you stick to it, you will get better, I promise.



P.S. Got more awesome social media posts in mind? Share a link here or on our Twitter page (retweets of quality posts guaranteed!).


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