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New Broken Links Checker in WebSite Auditor

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News

We're happy to announce that WebSite Auditor was updated to include an advanced broken links checker.

The newly released version 2.6.8 not just reports on the number of broken links, but also shows the list of these links with anchor texts and HTTP status codes in the pop-up window. Just click the three-dot button next to the number of broken links to get the full broken links picture:

New Broken Links Checker in WebSite Auditor

To enjoy the new feature in your existing projects, select several (or all) pages in your project and press the Update button:

Update the broken links feature in WebSite Auditor

An indispensable part of SEO PowerSuite series, WebSite Auditor is the onpage optimization tool. WebSite Auditor checks websites' internal health, reporting on structural, coding and linking defects for every webpage. Make use of the updated WebSite Auditor to spot and fix broken links, turning your website into a smoothly functioning structure appealing both to users and search engines!

If you're new to Link-Assistant.Com's fan club, you can read more about WebSiteAuditor's features, download the free version or order if straight off.

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