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Meet Rank Tracker 6.9.1 – with Game Changing Pay-Per-Click Analysis Options

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News Pay-Per-Click Tools SEO Tools

Here comes the news - from now on with Rank Tracker you can integrate your SEO and PPC campaigns in a new, more traffic-productive way!

Now you have a separate Pay-Per-Click Analysis area
in Rank Tracker, with priceless PPC metrics extracted directly from Google AdWords keyword tool:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Estimated PPC cost/month 

Set side by side with your current SEO statistics, these data lets you blend PPC and SEO efforts effectively to maximize your site's traffic and payoff!

1. Choose keywords for SEO and PPC Learn more...

Pick the most traffic-promising keywords and see if it's wiser for you to target them with SEO or PPC activities.

2. Profit with PPC ads where SEO fails Learn more...

Adjust PPC campaign to your current SEO rankings - make sure your PPC ads are always here to help where SEO efforts fail.

3. Prior to SEO, test conversion with PPC Learn more...

Before planning a long-term SEO campaign for new keywords, find out if they are worth targeting - test their real conversion with a quick PPC campaign.

Why wait? Start using PPC Analysis in Rank Tracker right now!

P.S. The new feature works best for users with Professional and Enterprise licenses (where the project history is saved). If you don't have a license yet, you can always upgrade your software here!

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