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Pinterest for Joe-the-Marketer?

| Posted in category Internet Marketing Pinterest Social Media



Somehow I just can't picture Joe the marketer making bank on Pinterest. Repinning and liking pins? Sure. Making money and driving traffic to his site? Nope. Don't see it happening. Here's why.

"I want to pin!"

Meet Joe. An online marketer blogging about tech, with a decent following on Twitter, Facebook and (maybe even) Google+.

For the past few months he keeps reading about this Pinterest thing. It's making headlines all over the place. Mashable can't stop talking about these exciting Pinterest stats. A look at Compete alone is worth a million words. Joe is pumped. He is so ready to pin.

Question is how does Joe's pinning bring money for his biz?

Joe joins Pinterest

This is Joe on Pinterest:

- He writes a post and finds a nice picture for it

- He pins the pic and copy-pastes key points from his post into pin comment section.

- He even installed a "Pin it" button on his blog to make it easy for readers to pin his content.

Days go by and no repins (no traffic either). Joe checks his PinClout stats and sulks. Decent images, great post, - what else do these pinners need?

Firstly, pinners barely ever read because they're there to see. Secondly, Joe's pictures have nothing to do with the content of his posts. But let's look at more examples of Joe's not-so-hot Pinterest habits, which one blogger aptly calls spampin.

Joe Spampin

Example 1

Joe took a picture of his beautiful dog. The dog is super cute but the picture is very much second-rate. Should it be pinned? Probably not.

Example 2

Joe made a pretty infographic but I can't read a word of it when it shows up my pin feed. Neither can other pinners. It's all just blurred text and it's pretty annoying looking. Should it be pinned, Joe? Probably not.

And it's not that infographics are a taboo on Pinterest. This one is doing particularly well. These, too. If yours are creative and look good on Pinterest (test to find out), sure, go ahead and pin them.

Example 3

Joe wrote a great post with a stick man for a picture. Should it be pinned? Probably not. Imagine if Pinterest was filled with logos of splog-like stick figures? Pinterest wouldn't be Pinterest then.

Which leads to my point: Pinterest is this great new social network, but it's a money maker only for select few. Here is another crucial point.

It's not about Joe

On Pinterest, the pin is important. The pinner not so much. When you discover a wonderful pin you don't really care about who the pinner is. It could be a high school senior from Nebraska or a 60-year old photographer from Japan. As long as what you see "clicks" with your mood, tastes or values, you share it.

It surprises me a great deal to read dozens of how-to posts propagating the "Joe, make money with Pinterest" message without really pointing out one key thing – Joe has to either

- learn how to create beautiful visual experiences relevant to his blog content,

- hire a creative guy to make such visuals for him,

- or enjoy Pinterest as a repinner and liker but not as a pin creator or pin marketer.

What do you think of Pinterest?



P.S. Need a Pinterest invite? Feel free to ask for one in comments.



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