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Rank Tracker now check out wrong pages don’t kill your traffic from SERPs

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

The great new feature launched in Rank Tracker today is  an actionable way to get more traffic and conversion for your site!

Make the right pages rank for your keywords:

- Easily check if only the right pages of your site (relevant and converting) rank in search engines for your keywords

- Get instantly notified when of a wrong page shows up in search instead of your intended landing page

This means that whatever business you're in, now you can maximize the traffic and payoff your website brings.

How, you ask? By making sure your visitors see the pages that really make sales.

Make your site bring more traffic and payoff

Quite often, a wrong page shown in Google instead of the needed one can undermine your clicks and traffic because of an unsuitable title or description. More to that, getting to the wrong page and not finding what they were searching for, visitors are likely to bounce from your site without converting.

Luckily, now with hot-new Rank Tracker 6.9 you can instantly notice any of the wrong pages and take immediate action to make sure your site gets:

- Higher click-through rates, traffic and conversion
- Lower bounce rates
- Better user experience

So, just jump here to learn more about the new feature or... grab new Rank Tracker right now to get the most out of your rankings!

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