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SEO and PR – The Proven Formula to Success in Modern Business

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

by Azriel Lider

Despite the fact that SEO techniques can heavily maximize the efficiency of your online presence, your website will never be able to reach its full potential without the use of strong PR.

Public relations, although often linked to other fields of work, is more than relevant to any online business who wishes to take SEO to the extreme. It includes the use of social media, news companies, and the opinions of the general public to cement your brands name into the financial market. When embedded into a professional SEO strategy the results can be truly mind blowing.

So how can I start using Public Relations to my company's advantage?

Publish opinionated articles

Produce, or pay for, strongly opinionated articles that talk up your brand. Place these articles in reputable and respected outlets and you offer your consumers a reason to buy from you. Through third party validation your potential customers will see your company as alive and trusted, rather than just stale and common.

Seek relevant journalists

By carefully handpicking a specific professional writer, at a specific time, you can ensure a world wide read press release that is completely positive about your brand. Although this may be very difficult to achieve, its results can be unbelievable. Study your businesses media area and seek a journalist who has covered your industry before. Choose a suitable time to approach this writer, in terms of the context of your industry, and pitch to them your company. If you are successful you can expect a fully positive, fully professional, and fully read press release that talks all about your brand.

Validate your technology

For those of you who provide a product or service where new technology is involved you will know how hesitant potential consumers can be. To solve this problem, and to increase your brands media coverage, you should sponsor a third party research campaign. The results have a high chance of being featured by respected news companies and can help prove to a large proportion of your target market that your business is founded on verified principles.

Increase brand awareness through social media

The exponential surge in the growth of social networking means that public gossip about your company can turn into an epidemic. Through the efficient use of the social media giants (such as Facebook, Twitter etc), you can create strong relationships with relevant professionals in your industry, and can thus expect a chain reaction of positive company reputation. Be sure to link back to you, or your clients website's as much as you can.

What SEO strategies can I use for taking advantage of my great PR content?

Use relevant titles for all articles and press releases

Through using the keywords you are trying to target in the title of your companies media produce, you can ensure that the coverage will attain a higher rank in search engines. This will increase the awareness of your articles, and thus the awareness of your site.

'Link bait' your media content to increase its appeal

Your articles have more chance of being referred and linked back to if their content boasts an enticing title or idea. If you are offering practical advice on a topic start with "13 tips for...", or "7 weaknesses in your...". These sort of titles evoke a simplistic, easy to follow, yet also helpful, article that blog users of all kinds will happily give a mention too. Remember to use your common sense though. If you're article is covering a topic with an article that can entice readers on its own merits, it would be foolish to change it.

Embed hyperlinks into the keywords of your articles

Hyper linking the relevant key words in your articles gives you the chance to maximise the efficiency of your media produce. To ensure to keep your articles natural you shouldn't over do these anchored links. It is also important to variate the key words you use. This can help in increasing the realism of your publications to your readers, and yet it also ensures that all of your readers' preferences are met by offering them a wider range of keywords to click a link from. The increase in back links from this method will also undoubtedly improve your search engine rank.

Ensure to utilise your keywords more than once

You should make sure the keywords of your articles are used about 3-6 times in the body of your content. This strengthens its relevance to your topic in the eyes of Google, and thus makes it more search engine friendly. Do not get carried away though. An abundance of keywords will damage the quality of your article, killing off its flow, and presenting it as spammy.

Be aware of duplicate content issues

Be sure to avoid publishing your media coverage's content on your own or clients website. Google will make the assumption that a reputable site, such as the New York Times, produced the content, making you a content stealer. This can result in a harmful penalty. One way around this problem is to create a blurb of each media publication on your, or your clients, website. This can then be linked back to the appropriate media coverage, helping to ensure the best PR results without causing any issues.

An SEO strategy on its own is like a boxer without his gloves. Although extremely powerful, it will never be able to reach its full potential. The combination of effective SEO and PR could be that magic formula your diminishing brand is looking for. Its major asset is the fact it not only increases the traffic to your website, but importantly the quality of the traffic concerned; resulting in a higher conversion rate.

About the Author

This guest post was written by Azriel Lider who believes that an investment into SEO and PR offers your brand a safe-proof way to raise both the search engine rank, and public awareness of your company.

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