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SEO PowerSuite + Google Analytics: seize the chance to squeeze maximum traffic from your SEO!

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SEO PowerSuite with Google Analytics
Whatever you do to your site in terms of SEO, you do that to attract traffic, which is the key to generating online profit. So, it’s the resulting traffic that should largely influence any SEO decision. To ensure you get maximum traffic out of SEO efforts, today your SEO PowerSuite integrates Google Analytics - the tool thousands of webmasters use for traffic and visits monitoring.

Google Analytics visits data

From now you can use Google Analytics data right inside your SEO PowerSuite to:

  • Ensure all your SEO efforts bring actual traffic and sales, and are not wasted on traffic-shallow rankings for wrong words
  • Make sure-winning SEO decisions on the basis of objective traffic analysis
  • Guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness to each SEO step you take

Just jump over here to learn more on Google Analytics data in SEO PowerSuite and see how hugely it benefits your SEO campaign.

The new features are available in your SEO PowerSuite as soon as you restart the tools for autoupdate or download the just-out version from the website.

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