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SEO Reselling and your Prospect’s Values

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Warner Carter

It is not a secret anymore that companies connect on a values level to position themselves for their target market. We have seen companies rebrand according to their market's needs: Coke, McDonalds, and Nestle have separate and individual branding and product lists per region and continent; sports outfitters Nike and Adidas choose local athletes to represent their brands on a large-scale national level; car companies customize their automobile models according to a country's demography, economy, and even physical body structure.

"Values" in marketing has expanded from people's culture and belief to their overall daily need. Now, marketers consider everything as part of values - from how they talk, think and speak, to how they live, to their religion and political affiliation, to their favorite color, and to their gender - to cover everything they need to capture a desired target market.

Values in SEO Reselling

If connecting on a values level is significant to international companies and big corporations, this is more important to small-scale direct marketers like SEO Resellers.

Although SEO Reselling is all about websites and making sites rank on search engines, the importance of understanding and knowing the prospective client's values should not be ignored.

Websites, as we all know, are personal representations of business owners and their businesses, a reflection of their image, branding, and vision. Knowing the prospective client's values is positioning oneself to understand them more, and eventually to convince them to get the SEO service. In addition, knowing the prospect's values will give the Reseller ideas on what plan and agreement are suited for them if they accept the SEO proposal.

SEO is a partnership business, and it is not only about winning customers and expanding client lists. Once the prospective clients become actual clients, they are required to comply with certain requirements such as training sessions for them to learn the SEO process and the entire system, and weekly meetings for assessments and business updates. Having said this, SEO Resellers should sell their services only to those who are willing to learn. Additionally, resellers should not let new clients become dependent on the reselling system. They should sell their services to those who know how to depend and lead at the same time.

The prospect's values will determine if they will get your service or not

"Values" is something that does not change in an instant; even the most flowery and well-trained marketing natter cannot do it. The only things the Reseller can do while in a proposal meeting is to scrutinize, screen, understand his prospects to determine their ideals and values in business, and these ideals and values will determine if they will get the SEO service or not.

About the Author

Warner writes about SEO, Blogging, and Web Development, enjoys learning and discovering everything new, and works for Endless Rise, who provides SEO services to SEO Resellers exclusively. You can become an seo reseller today.

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