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SEOvenger Hunt Day #3

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Contests

Ahoy fellow SEO pirates!

Day #2 of the SEOvenger Hunt is done. Time to name the winners and count up the loot.

Day #2 Correct Answer was….

Buzzed Out

It was hidden on the WordStream blog as most of you have rightly figured.

Here's the page you were looking for

Day #2 SEOvenger Hunt Winners are…

Hector Lee - 60 Day SEO Dojo Membership - $60 value

Ben Ritter - WordStream for SEO Silver Two Months Free - $198 value

Donna Fontenot (aka DazzlinDonna) - SEMRush Pro Subscription (3 months) - $179 vlaue

Kunal Shah - Enterprise license for any SEO tool by Link-Assistant.Com of your choice - $259 value

Congratulations, pals, your well-deserved loot will reach you soon. A lot of fine SEO pirates fought for this loot, hell, we even had Chuck Norris among the contenders (hope not the real one 'cause he didn't win) but you were the best!

Just like on day one, the winners were picked using a random numbers generator at

If you weren't lucky this time, folks, chin up, there's plenty of loot and two more SEO islands ahead to plunder!

So let's kick Day #3 of SEOvenger Hunt arolling.

Day #3 of SEOvenger Hunt clue is…

If your search traffic goes down you need to regain your SEO power

So sharpen up your blades and set off on the third hunt day. When you find today's answer enter it into this form.

Psst.. if you're new to this whole SEO scavenger hunt thing you can get up to speed by reading the announcement post

[Update] Date 3 is done. Jump over to Day 4

Hector Lee <>

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