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Social Media: One Approach Does Not Fit All

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox Social Media

guest post by IslaMarie Turnbull

Social Media has long been a 'buzz' word in the world of digital marketing and generally features on every business's objective list. However despite awareness of the power which social media can offer to businesses, many businesses are completely clueless when it comes to measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts.

What many companies forget is that having a Facebook page doesn't mean social engagement with your consumers. This could not be further from the truth and in some situations holding a Facebook page may not be as beneficial as running a successful blog or Twitter account. With this in mind the key thing to remember is that not all social media accounts are going to suit your businesses and the way in which you engage with consumers/clients and so it is essential to select your social media ventures carefully as not one fits all.

Choosing The Best Social Channel For Your Business

There are a few key things to remember when choosing which social media channels will work for you and your business:

- What type of business are you, who is your intended audience?
- What do you want out of the communication, brand awareness? Data collection?
- How much time do you have/are willing to dedicate?

How you answer the above points should significantly impact on what sort of social channels you look to follow.

Facebook is Great for B2C Marketing

The problem with social media is that everything is very much a matter of personal opinion, however from my experience I have found channels such as Facebook primarily successful when it comes to B2C companies, i.e. communicating with the wider public. This sort of communication in turn is fantastic for brand awareness and data collection as Facebook is 2 way communication.

It is essential when using a 2 way platform like Facebook to LISTEN as well as talk as sometimes the best marketing insights and data can be gained from simple driven conversations over these sorts of platforms.

Blogging is Perfect for a B2B Company

Alternatively if you are a B2B company who is looking to establish yourself as a market leader and improve your brand perception you may find a blog to be more successful in helping to demonstrate your knowledge. You can still use a blog to engage with potential clients however the focus is commonly a more educational form of communication therefore demonstrating knowledge and approachability to build consumer trust and therefore encourage further communication.

How To Make The Most Of Your Social Media

The ability to measure the success of a social media marketing campaign is very rare and what must be remembered about this type of communication is that it is not about ROI (return on investment).

Trying to define how successful a social campaign is in terms of how much money it makes as opposed to how much it costs will never work. This is simply because this sort of channel doesn't lend itself well to a hard sell approach.

However there are some ways in which to track the success of your social communication, the most common of which is the ability to measure click through's from the content you post, this will not always relate to how much money you are going to make but it can give a indication of how well you are engaging with your customers as this is key to your social success.

Sometimes knowing how to make the most of your social media communications can go beyond the reach of an in-house marketing team. This is where additional online specialisms such as SEO can play an significant and positive role within a company. An SEO will typically be able to help you not only optimise your site to improve your ranking in the search engines but they can also help to provide guidance on the selection of the best social media channels for your company.

These sort of non marketing specific specialisms can also provide fantastic insights when it comes to collection data from your social communications as well as standard search information. This sort of data gathering is essential to any businesses success online and can not only help to drive innovation and improvements in company services and products but can also be used when engaging with consumers to ensure optimum output. Whether you choose to outsource this type of market analysis or keep it in-house it is essential for any company to collect this data to make the most out of whichever social channels they have chosen to use.

About the author

IslaMarie is a marketing and SEO consultant for SEO Company Red Evolution, working in London to Aberdeen she specialises in Social Media, Mocial Marketing and Integrated Specialisms


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