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Stop/resume your rank checks + edit rankings manually – hot-new Rank Tracker 6.7.2!

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

Believe it or not, but now with Rank Tracker you can check rankings faster and better report SEO progress to your clients or boss.

How's that? Welcome the 2 great features launched in your Rank Tracker today:

Ok, so here's what the buzz is all about:

1. Resume your rank checks from where they stopped

Now you can spend less time on rank monitoring! With Rank Tracker you're free to stop/resume rank checks right from the stopping point, without updating the rest of the ranking data. And this means that now you can:

- Stop your rank check and resume it over the day, whenever it's most convenient for you.

- Run a quick recheck only for the rankings you haven't checked today.

Just jump over here to see how the feature works:

2. Edit rankings manually (for SEO reports)

Rank Tracker has lots of advanced settings for checking personalized results with maximum precision. It lets you check rankings in a particular version of Google, in a particular country, state or city and more.

However sometimes your SEO client may have an even higher degree of personalization that you know about and Rank Tracker doesn't.

We never recommended editing rankings manually in this case, but we've got hundreds of requests from SEO agencies, asking us to allow editing ranks in reports for clients.

OK, now here it is!

You can now manually edit search engine rankings right inside Rank Tracker, making your ranking reports even more precise.

Here's how you make the things rolling:

With these and all the rest of fantastic time-saving features, Rank Tracker proves the most reliable and feature-rich software for rank monitoring and keyword research.

And that is especially true about Rank Tracker's paid editions, that offer:

- Saving projects with history

- Scheduling tasks

- More competitors to track

- Data exports and client reporting (for Enterprise license)

So if you're not yet using the full power of Rank Tracker, it's just the time to get your Rank Tracker license here.


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