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7 ways to make sites fun and get links and traffic

October 23rd, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Websites fun and Easter EggsWe do remember that people share things they like. Easter Eggs and fun stuff on websites is a wonderful way to promote your business, and here's why:

  • You get natural links.

    Your funny page is very likely to appear in numerous trick collections on the web. Also people share great stuff on Reddit and forums.

    Thus, your link profile will benefit from being listed in a Mashable website Easter Egg list (or any other trusted website).

  • You get traffic.

    While people share your trick with friends and on social, you are going to receive high traffic from these shares around the year.

  • You get social shares, which brings you more traffic and all the benefits of social presence.

  • You give people fun and entertainment, which is as important as creating valuable content. Making fun is extremely helpful during the holiday season. Also it can be a piece of great evergreen content regardless of the season.

  • You give unique experience. Fun and unexpected stuff on a website guarantees people remember you and your company.

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Social Media Managers : what they do & what they should do

July 16th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


social media
Photo Credit: photo by Richard Goodwin,

As a Social Media Manager at Link-Assistant.Com I participate in social media communities, talk to people that work in the same field, including SEOs, Internet Marketers, PPC specialists and so on.

All in all specific jobs often are surrounded by numerous misconceptions, and I believe this is almost inevitable. And there is a big misconception about the job of a social media manager. It comes from people who manage social media networks and from those who do other jobs in companies. Read more »

Medium: Social Network on Steroids or Interaction Failure?

April 11th, 2013 | Olga Filonchuk


''Part of the beauty of such a system is that people are going to write stuff other people don't agree with.''

Medium was largely talked about a couple of months ago. Another social network, which is a kind of compilation of Blogger and Twitter, is a baby product of Evan Williams and Biz Stone, former employees from Blogger and Twitter. The service was  opened in beta version for some early subscribers about 2 weeks ago.

And I happened to be one of them. Woohoo!  I haven't been excited about the idea itself that much since Pinterest launched. While Pinterest compelled to my consumption-self (come on, it's not really about lofty matters), Medium compels to my high-quality-self.


Basically it's a writing and reading platform with nothing extra.  It's as simple as Twitter is but with a new format. While Twitter limits you and makes you think carefully about what you want to say, Medium gives you freedom to express your thoughts just the way you like.

Everything which is simple easily becomes addictive for Social Media maniacs. It's not a sensational thought but you might keep it in your mind before investigating Medium deeper and being caught in his powerful network of simplicity and information richness.

When you log in with your Twitter account (quite an easy way, ha?) if you hover your mouse to the letter “M” on the top of the page you can see a brief menu where each point is logical and quite understandable.  However, some may turn to be key points for personal and professional use. Read more »

Complete guide to assigning tasks a freelance copywriter

March 7th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


Using freelance copywriter's services is common practice now. Many Internet marketers are individual entrepreneurs and it is not profitable for them to have an in-house copywriter. Even SEO companies often use freelance workforce to reduce expenditure. But working with a freelance copywriter raises a very important question:

How to explain to a copywriter what you need

Yes, it is a very important question. You have a doer that has never worked for your company and hardly knows anything about it, and you assign him a task to write a perfect text for any of your business purposes.

I often hear people saying that they are not going to spend time on writing a task for a copywriter almost as big as the expected copy itself, as it is not profitable and they could have written the text themselves, unless they wouldn't turn to copywriters' services. Read more »

The Content Revision Plan + 2 Time-saving Page Outlines

September 13th, 2012 | Andrew Goldberg


Content revision planToo many times I met SEOs, who told me that content is the easiest thing in Internet Marketing – get a freelancer write an article a day for you for 5 bucks, put in some keywords (at the beginning, of course!) and SEO is done. Nah! The time's changing radically and now I can hardly hear this kind of opinion.

It may have turned out that your website content was created by an SEO with the mindset described above: some of the content might have been scraped from other websites, the rest – quickly re-written with the help of article spinning software. If that's the case, prepare for a huge content revision campaign!

So what do we start with?

Let's quickly check how unique your content is (if you have lots of duplicate content, that's a very alarming sign for your rankings):

Using Google: copy and paste your sentences into Google search – not only you will see the exact matches (if any) of your article sentences, but you’ll also see the close variations. This helps to spot the copyright infringement – if anyone stole your content, you can contact them to fix it. Another option is using the Copyscape software that will regularly check for plagiarism issues. Read more »