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Best landing page split testing tips from the PROs

February 18th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


If you are reading this article, you probably know what a landing page is. At least we hope so, because we can't wait to share our tips with you instead of telling you boring basic things which are two clicks away from you in Google.

Well, while most marketers know what a landing page is, not all of them clearly understand what split testing is and how it can be useful for a client. I believe most of SEO folks are aware of basic landing page rules and build their pages knowing what they do. But just using these tips is not enough if you are not satisfied with conversion or want to squeeze more results from your landing page.

SEO cannot be over, it can be paused or stopped, and there is also something you can do to improve the results. Landing page split testing allows you to understand what works best. Read more »

The Content Revision Plan + 2 Time-saving Page Outlines

September 13th, 2012 | Andrew Goldberg


Content revision planToo many times I met SEOs, who told me that content is the easiest thing in Internet Marketing – get a freelancer write an article a day for you for 5 bucks, put in some keywords (at the beginning, of course!) and SEO is done. Nah! The time's changing radically and now I can hardly hear this kind of opinion.

It may have turned out that your website content was created by an SEO with the mindset described above: some of the content might have been scraped from other websites, the rest – quickly re-written with the help of article spinning software. If that's the case, prepare for a huge content revision campaign!

So what do we start with?

Let's quickly check how unique your content is (if you have lots of duplicate content, that's a very alarming sign for your rankings):

Using Google: copy and paste your sentences into Google search – not only you will see the exact matches (if any) of your article sentences, but you’ll also see the close variations. This helps to spot the copyright infringement – if anyone stole your content, you can contact them to fix it. Another option is using the Copyscape software that will regularly check for plagiarism issues. Read more »