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[“Not provided” solution] 5 steps to use new traffic stats for 100x more SEO efficiency!

March 4th, 2014 | Link-Assistant.Com


These 5 EASY STEPS (and the new “Not provided” feature in SEO PowerSuite) give a great efficiency boost to your SEO campaign!

Whether you've already tried the new feature or not... Check out our in-house methodology for using the priceless keyword traffic stats that you now have in SEO PowerSuite!

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The new "Not provided" feature already got thousands of thumbs-up from our users and industry’s leading specialists.

And today you'll learn how we use this data the most effective way - to measure progress and make winning SEO decisions:

1. Find the most traffic-generating keyword niches

2. See if the right pages of your site rank in search engines

3. Make sure your SERP snippets perform well enough

4. See which keyword brings the most traffic to a page

5. Check if your page’s content is relevant and engaging

These steps are quick, easy and extremely helpful, so jump to the guide and start using them now:

Check the guide.

Are All the Goals Accounted for?

June 27th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


GA NinjaWe’ve already covered goals set up in earlier posts for Google Analytics Ninjas. Since then it seemed to be quite a depleted topic until Google team introduced the updated version of Google Analytics.

Above all other goodies the new GA enables web analysts to set Events as Goals and track even more interactions with the website. If you are still missing on this opportunity – read on!

It is easy to neglect some user interactions with the website that present high level of engagement and may indirectly lead to a conversion at a later stage. Such actions or Events include: viewing video presentations, listening to the audio, liking/ twitting/ commenting/ sharing, downloading white papers and presentations. Imagine a situation when you are trying to generate leads using a landing page with a video presentation but you don’t know how many (if any) visitors are viewing it, and for how long. In such case you have no basis to compare the performance of various traffic channels against each other and your efforts are potentially sub-optimal. Read more »