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5 Online Reputation Slips Every Blogger Should Avoid

June 10th, 2013 | Alesia Krush


The Internet makes our lives simpler in many ways. We can now conveniently send a letter via e-mail, have a teleconference with several friends at once on Google Hangouts, etc. However, along with this convenience comes the need to watch out for one’s digital reputation, because the Web is essentially a "public place" where one can get scrutinized, get talked about or make headlines at any given moment.

So, whether you are an individual blogger who makes a living blogging or you work for a company, you're probably concerned about the image you cut in the cyber space at least to some extent. Thus, here is my list of 5 online reputation slips to avoid, which could save you a lot of headache afterwards.

Annulling Other People's Values

They say that a good bartender never talks religion, politics or sports with his/her visitors. In these subjects, there's no middle ground and chances are you're going to hurt somebody's feelings. The same applies to other sensitive topics that can get people heated up. Read more »