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The Google Zoo Paranoia: Tell Your Inner Penguin to Shut Up

May 21st, 2012 | Aleh Barysevich


Man vs PenguinApart from some really cool achievements Google has recently managed to ruin reputation of the cutest monochromatic animals and cause an acute attack of paranoia among SEOs. An army of slapped-by-panda-pecked-by-penguin prophets shout about the approaching SEOpocalypses and preach on optimization asceticism. The naïve and trusting webmasters start removing backlinks, content, and keywords from their websites to cause nothing but even a faster decrease in rankings.

There are at least two teams in the field that benefit from the situation: the cunning dudes who mind their business and keep on working (see the case study below) and "the big SEO guys" (read: the evangelists of the fluffy white SEO). The latter are hypnotizing you with "we are building trust and authority using advanced techniques" mantra, which is yet another marketing catch. Sure thing the reputable consultancies might help you rank higher but their services don't always meet your budget.

As far as most of you know, during the past few years Google implemented several quality related updates but none of them was really fatal for traditional SEO. Though the aftermath of Penguin is not totally clear yet, we're absolutely sure, it's not going to be grave. Read more »