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Take Your Onpage Optimization to a New Level with WebSite Auditor 2.0

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No webpage has a life of its own. Just like parts of the body, webpages are parts of a larger organism – the website. However hard you train your left foot it'll hardly win you the Olympic Games, if the rest of the body skips the trainings and goes out for a beer instead.

Same rules apply in the SEO world. Your website is one tightly-knit system, where every part affects the whole. To win top placement on Google you need to optimize your entire website, not just individual webpages. When you take that holistic approach to SEO you'll achieve amazing results.

To help you optimize your website as one system and get its ranking potential into full swing we're rolling out a new version of WebSite Auditor.

WebSite Auditor 2.0 has a unique website analysis module onboard that lets you take advantage of the immense power of onpage optimization applied to the entire site (something only the savviest SEOs use to push their sites to the top).

You can now effectively analyze your website across-the-board, smoke out all the issues that might be impeding it's performance, and turn it into a 100% search-engine friendly marketing machine.

We packed WebSite Auditor with the site analysis module that would easily make up a powerful piece of software of its own. And the best thing is all current WebSite Auditor users get the new version at no extra charge!

And that's not all. We've got some huge discounts for you that let you get SEO PowerSuite lock-n-load with the new WebSite Auditor at an indecently low price.

Now let's walk through the major features of the new version and look at the SEO tasks they help you solve.

What's New

Instead of just looking at individual pages, the new WebSite Auditor crawls your entire site, records all webpages and analyzes them against a wealth of SEO factors.

You can then scrutinize your site's architecture, analyze your internal linking structure and PR distribution, diagnose your site for problem spots and monitor its performance in search engines and social media nearly on the fly – all in one actionable project.

The website analysis module helps you make sure that you're using the full ranking potential of your website. No more wondering whether you got the optimal site structure or if your site has duplicate content issues. You can now run a comprehensive SEO analysis of your site and make sure you've got it all polished out and optimized from all perspectives.

Here's just a small part of what WebSite Auditor 2.0 enables you to do:

  • Analyze and optimize all pages of your website in one project: get SEO data and analysis for all pages of your domain in one manageable project.
  • Run full website health check: validate and clean up your code, locate and fix broken links, check server response codes to spot 404 and other errors, spot duplicated or missing titles and meta descriptions.
  • Run indexation analysis: check Google, Yahoo! and Bing cache dates for each page, locate not indexed pages, monitor how many pages of your website were indexed in the major search engines, etc.
  • Analyze your internal linking and PR distribution: check the number of internal/external links on each page, evaluate the potential Link Value each page can pass per link, locate links with no internal links, and see how PageRank is distributed across your website.
  • Generate website optimization reports: create customizable SEO site audit reports for your own or your clients' websites.

We could really go on and on here, but we're sure you'd rather try the new WebSite Auditor yourself and apply its power to your website. So let's get down to it already! And if you want to read more about the new functionality check out the features page or take a screenshot tour.

Download New WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor 2.0 is currently in Beta. Although it's already solid and well-working software we didn't include it into your regular automatic updates just yet, so you'll need to download and install it manually. We decided to take the time and let you test-drive it, so that you can tell us what features we should improve on, what you would like to see added or expanded, and so on.

Use the following link to download and install new WebSite Auditor:

Get WebSite Auditor 2.0 beta

Note: You can open your previous WebSite Auditor projects. Just click 'Rebuild' button to fire up site analysis module and get data for all pages of your site. And to access your previous page analysis, switch over to the 'Webpages' tab.

And here come the promised discounts.

Get Whopping Beta Discounts! Limited-Time Offer

SEO companies charge upwards of $3,000 for SEO site audits. But it doesn't have to cost you an arm and leg to analyze your site and get it ready for conquering top search engine rankings. With the new WebSite Auditor you can effectively run across-the-board SEO site audits yourself and generate professional reports without having to cash out on expensive SEO services.

Today you have a unique chance to get the new WebSite Auditor at a rock-bottom price.

WebSite Auditor Professional for just $49.75 (you save $50)

WebSite Auditor Enterprise for $149.75 (you save $100)

And if you really want to save big-time and get armed with the complete package of SEO tools get SEO PowerSuite packed with the new WebSite Auditor for less than half the price:

SEO PowerSuite Professional for just $149 (you save $250)

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise for only $399 (you save $600!!)

Check out the deals here

Roll up for Beta Testing to Win Your Prize

As we already said the new WebSite Auditor is in Beta. It seems to work pretty well, but there may be some things that need to be polished out. If you want to apply the power of the new version to your site and win some cool prizes on the way, join our team of beta testers and get access to the all new features (click here for details)

Discover the Power of Onsite Optimization

Enough said already. Get new Website Auditor, fire it up and take advantage of its new features to analyze your site and make sure you're using its full ranking potential.

Yeah, and don't forget to share your feedback in the comments. We're looking forward to hearing what you think.

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