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Track how your SEO activities impact rankings: use Events in SEO PowerSuite

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

Need to check the effectiveness of your SEO activities? Now you can do it right in your SEO PowerSuite software, using the new Events module!

Here's what you can do with Events:

- Keep record of your SEO activities and external factors
- Observe how your rankings depend on these events
- Easily see what's improving or ruining your rankings



To try the new feature, just restart your software for an auto-update, or get a fresh download here. If you want an SEO PowerSuite license, click here.

You stay more informed in each SEO situation!

The Events module is a great addition to all SEO PowerSuite tools. Yet in Rank Tracker it gives you maximum use: events are integrated into all visual graphs.

See the major cases when Events help a lot:

Publishing new content - Create events in Rank Tracker and later on you'll see how your rankings change over time.

Getting new links - Add a new event to see how your traffic grows with more link juice.

Guest blogging - The event will help you see how every guest blog post benefits your website.

On-page optimization - Create an event when you edit any on-page elements to see whether it helps to rank

Google algo updates (ex. Pengiun) - Add this to your events as well and see whether your site rankings are impacted

Set up the events in 2 minutes

Or even faster! It takes just a couple of clicks to create and manage your events in Preferences -> Manage Events (all SEO PowerSuite tools):

As well as access them directly from ranking and traffic graphs (in Rank Tracker):

Have any questions regarding the new feature? We'll be glad to help you out! (And don't miss the video how-to)

Get your SEO PowerSuite license and keep track of what works best with the new Events feature!

P.S. The Events feature works best for users with Professional and Enterprise licenses (where the project history is saved). If you don't have a license yet, you can always upgrade your software here!


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