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Understanding The Clients: Are They Worth Your Time?

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Warner Carter

Selling SEO isn't like selling newspapers on the street. It requires hard work and time, two things that are essential to every businessperson. As an SEO seller, we don't want to encounter buyers who just waste our time with endless questions and queries. We all have our own schedules and we make sure that we stick to these schedules every day. Unfortunately, SEO sellers occasionally encounter so-called clients who aren't interested in SEO services.

Clients that are not worth your time:

The Fad Riders

These are clients who want to jump into the SEO bandwagon for the wrong reasons. Some of them already have a strong online presence and some of them already enjoy online popularity. This can indicate an internal company problem, because some companies' advertising and management departments want to include SEO in their strategies even though SEO isn't for them. They do it for the sake of having SEO in their promotion techniques and for the sake of appearing trendy or up-to-date. 

The Spies and Actors

Let's face it. There are companies out there who send out dummy clients just to know their competitor's game. These are the actors who dissect your proposals, to know more about your style, your services, and strategies. These fake clients end up buying your time and not your service.

The Uncooperative

When clients want you to do the entire campaign on your own, the business isn't a partnership anymore. The earliest sign that you should discontinue a service proposal is when a client shows no cooperation. These are clients who think of SEO as an outsourcing project where they leave their money on the table and expect you to do the rest. We all know that SEO is a partnership; we don't need kings and dictators here.

The Secretive

Secretive clients are similar to uncooperative clients. Clients that like keeping secrets just hinder your SEO success. What you need from clients is not their internal company sociology data. As a service provider, all you need is their advertising, marketing, and promotion history, so you can move on to your present campaign. If a client can't provide you with the information because of some 'strict policies', tell him or her to forget about getting SEO services.

The Obstinate

Stubborn clients are different from those try to learn the methods of SEO. Of course, we all know that it takes some time for some clients to understand the rudiments of SEO, especially if the campaign's only beginning. However, SEO isn't for clients who can't understand the concept of SEO and for those who are unwilling to bend some of their company's traditional marketing strategies. Clients and providers should always work as one unit, and hardheadedness has no room in a partnership business like SEO.

The Stingy

There is always bargaining involved in all Private Label SEO campaigns. SEO providers regularly encounter clients who want to save money on SEO services. However, clients who unreasonably bargain your rates down aren't worth your time. Agreeing to work with such clients ensures that you're on the losing end of the deal.

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Warner is interested in everything online that fuels discovery. I find SEO a facinating puzzle so of course work for an SEO Reseller, Endless Rise. You can become an seo reseller today.

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