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Using Rank Tracker to Track your Video’s Rank on YouTube

| Posted in category SEO Tools

We've had many requests to add YouTube as a search engine to Rank Tracker, since  video promotion has been on many internet marketers' agenda for quite a while now. One of our recent releases finally made video rank tracking possible and here's a short post on how exactly it's done.

Let us take a video tutorial on SEO SpyGlass uploaded by some YouTube user. The URL of the video is where "EFY8DomfjEM" is the unique ID assigned to the video.   Say, we’ve uploaded this video some time ago and would like to see how it ranks on You Tube. We can either go to,  search for "SEO SpyGlass" and find the video at #3 ( ) or we can track the video’s rank with Rank Tracker and follow its' rankings dynamics.

tracking video's rank on YouTube directly

Just create a project for your video’s URL, in our test case it’s .

Starting a project for a YouTube video

On Step 2 add YouTube to your selected search engines and enter your keywords on step 3, in our case the keyword is "seo spyglass".

Adding YouTube to your project

Tracking your video's rank in YouTube

Run the rankings check and you will see that the video occupies position #3 in the YouTube search for keyword "seo spyglass".

Knowing the rank of your video you can work on its' improvement, optimizing the video's title, tags & keywords and trying to get better rankings and more views and embeds. A good list of all factors that influence your video's rankings can be found here:

So download the latest version of Rank Tracker to see the way added YouTube works and stay tuned for more updates!

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