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Grab BuzzBundle social media tool as early as you can!

Right now, the new super-duper social tool BuzzBundle is in Beta.

And we're working hard to make it perfect as soon as we can. This time, Link-Assistant.Com team is so excited to bring the new tool to you asap that we've been working over weekends for 2 months in a row!

And now we’re so eager to remove the kind-of-uncertain beta sign from the BuzzBundle box!

What’s on the roadmap for BuzzBundle?

More new social networks, and more options in the networks which are already supported (Facebook likes, pages etc.). Trust us, we can make the unreal real. Google+ used to be impossible to automate. And most software developers already quit trying to add Google+ to their list of supported networks.

Yet the Link-Assistant.Com team always tries harder and on November 20, one week after initial BuzzBundle release, we added Google+ to BuzzBundle. What used to be impossible for others is already here in BuzzBundle, right at your fingertips!

Tell us what you think about this social media software!

To make it better, and to make it better ASAP, we need to hear from you. Any kind of feedback is useful. Bugs? Features? New social sites to suggest? A few words of appreciation? Some rotten tomatoes to throw at us? Anything you have to say is welcome! Please write to our Customer Support!

Just briefly, why is BuzzBundle so special?

To put it short, you just grow more buzz with BuzzBundle than with any other (even the most respected) social media management tools. And you don't have to compromise on quality. Ever more people talking about your brand, and ever more positive buzz spreading across social media. This is BuzzBundle.

How's this possible? Simple: whatever other social tools do, BuzzBundle does that and then more:

  • More personas to represent. You'll manage social for multiple persons in one workspace!
  • More networks to populate. You'll be able to work with more social networks than other tools support.
  • More profiles to talk from. You'll see how dozens (or even 100s!) of social profiles help grow positive buzz.
  • MORE BUZZ! You get to generate more smart buzz one person could possibly produce!

Result: broadest coverage, biggest outreach, happiest fans!

Still thinking? Get BuzzBundle and get buzy (and let the 30-day money-back guarantee put all your doubts away). Jump here and order BuzzBundle.