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BuzzBundle screenshot tour

Take a tour through BuzzBundle — check out all its unique buzz-busting and time-saving features that no other social media management tool can offer!

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See what people say about your business

Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand across the social Web. With BuzzBundle, you can easily find and join any discussion that mentions your targeted keywords.

Manage all social platforms in one place

BuzzBundle is a one centralized location to post, respond, and engage in conversation on any social platform! Now you'll never have to leave BuzzBundle. You can easily see your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn streams, as well as discussions form blogs, forums and Q&A sites all from inside the tool.

And unlike other tools, you don't have to stick to one platform. If you see a tweet that you'd like to post to Facebook, that's easy! If you see a blog post you'd like to share on a forum — no problem!

Get maximum SEO juice from your social activities

Make your social activities push your site to search engines' tops — find all the links your site gets from social media sites and easily build quality links with your social media publications!

Comment, retweet, reply, send private messages and more

Instantly publish any types of messages to any popular social media platform. Post on Facebook, on forums and blogs, retweet, reply to tweets, send private and direct messages!

Schedule postings, messages and announcements

Create any number of posts and schedule when you want them to be published. Schedule a whole promo campaign at once (when it's most convenient for you) and you don't ever have to return to it and publish the massages manually.

Schedule postings, messages and announcements

Keep track of your competition

Keep track of what's going on in your niche — watch your competitors to always be two steps ahead. BuzzBundle lets you track mentions for your competitors' keywords or URLs. Besides, if a competitor has several important websites, you can add those sites to the project as well.

Join discussions as different people

BuzzBundle lets you create multiple personas and add multiple social accounts for each persona, so that you have all your personal and corporate accounts conveniently stored in one BuzzBundle project. That's flawless social media management you've been dreaming of! And more social buzz than you could ever produce if you'd have to log in and out of social account.

Switch between personas on the fly

BuzzBundle lets you not only create lots of personas to talk about your biz on the Web, but also manage them the quickest way! Picking a person and a social account to post under is a matter of seconds with BuzzBundle.

Always keep an eye on your most important conversations, adding them to favorites

Don't want your most important conversations to get lost in multiple message streams? With BuzzBundle, you can add any conversation to favorites, so that it's always displayed on top of other messages!

Instantly view any additional info in BuzzBundle's in-built browser

Whenever you'd like to view a particular discussion in a browser, or see the message author's profile or find any other info — you can do that with BuzzBundle's inbuilt browser. No need to ever switch to any other apps!

Organize and manage your data streams the most convenient way.

Quick-search your conversations, remove any messages you don't need, customize your working area to display only the data you need right now, filter your message streams by any parameter — everything you need to manage your data the most convenient way is here, in BuzzBundle.

The biggest scope of social sources

BuzzBundle offers you more social sites to work with than any other tool you can find! Tap into all the numerous blogs, forums, social networks, Q&A sites and other social media platforms BuzzBundle offers and use every chance to support your brand.

Note: though already long, the list of supported social sites is constantly growing — many more social networks and other platforms are soon to come!

The biggest scope of social sources
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