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SEO PowerSuite FAQ

SEO PowerSuite Licensing

  • What's SEO PowerSuite toolkit and what's included into it?

    SEO PowerSuite is a set of tools dealing with all kinds of SEO jobs. It's made up of four software tools in one pack: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant. You can check out all SEO tools one by one, or get the full SEO PowerSuite and take advantage of the complete website promotion software set.

  • What types of SEO PowerSuite licenses are there?

    SEO PowerSuite comes in 3 license types: Free, Professional and Enterprise Licenses. Browse through these table to compare different SEO PowerSuite licenses.

  • How to upgrade from Free license?
    To upgrade your software from Free to Professional or Enterprise license, order SEO PowerSuite license on our website. You don't need to re-download or re-install your software. As soon as you receive a Registration Confirmation e-mail, just open the software and enter your new license key in Help -> Registration info...
  • How to upgrade from Professional to Enterprise license?
    — To upgrade a license that was purchased before 25 January 2020, please visit this upgrade page.
    — Should you need to upgrade a license that was purchased after 25 January 2020, please submit a request to our support team.
  • What are SEO PowerSuite Search algo updates?
    NOTE: The information about Search Algo updates is relevant only for users who ordered their SEO PowerSuite license before 25 January 2020.
    Licenses that were purchased after 25 January 2020 are not subject to Search Algo subscription and have all the necessary updates included into their annual fee.

    Performing certain search engine-related tasks (such as gathering backlink data, checking rankings, comparing competing websites, looking for link partners etc.) requires proper integration with search engines. Because search engines' algorithms change frequently, this feature cannot be hardcoded.

    Therefore, most SEO software providers offer algo updates on a fee basis.

    We monitor search engines closely, and whenever the algorithms change, we adapt the SEO PowerSuite tools to make sure you can always access the most current and accurate data from ALL the supported search engines (currently 456 of them). Such updates are called Search algo updates.

    Additionally, Search algo updates let you save SE projects to SEO PowerSuite Cloud, our online storage service.

    When you purchase SEO PowerSuite, you get a subscription to all the necessary Search algo updates for each product.

    If you ordered your license before 25 January 2020, please view this information on Search algo updates' pricing.

  • Will I be charged for bug-fixes and feature updates?

    All the bug fixes and feature improvements are yours free of charge for life.

Common Questions

  • How many licenses do I need?
    SEO PowerSuite is licensed per user. That means you need one license for each person using the tools.
  • Can I use SEO PowerSuite on several computers under
    one license key?

    SEO PowerSuite apps are subject to single-user license agreements. Actually, you can install an application on 2 or more computers under the same license key, but you will be able to open it only on 1 of them at a time.

    If you would like to run the software on multiple machines concurrently, you will need to purchase several licenses. There are some money-saving offers you might want to consider. If you are interested in a custom multi-user package, please contact our support team.

  • Do you provide Customer Support Service?

    All existing Link-Assistant.Com customers as well as users of the trial version of our software are eligible for FREE customer support service.

    This means, a support professional will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day. The usual response time is up to 12 hours, but it might take a bit longer on weekends and holidays. However, all the really serious and major issues are addressed immediately.

    There are several ways to get help with our software. You can either check if your question is explained in our Knowledgebase, or create a support ticket, or use the Live chat option (available during our business working hours), or visit our User Group on Facebook to talk with other SEO enthusiasts as well as our support specialists.

Purchasing and Payments

  • What is the process of purchasing?

    To order SEO PowerSuite, all you have to do is to choose your preferred type of license and place an order on the secure online purchase form:

    SEO PowerSuite Professional

    SEO PowerSuite Enterprise

    Once your payment goes through, a confirmation is sent via email with your payment details and the license key that you need to register the software.

  • Will my order be secure?
    Yes! In order to protect our customers, the order forms on our web site are run on a secure server, utilizing encryption technology to safeguard all transactions from unauthorized viewing. Your personal information is kept secure and will not be transferred to other parties.
  • What payment options are available?

    All our software products are sold via 2Checkout, a major US-based payment processor committed to providing the highest level of security for online transactions, which makes every order you place online 100% protected and safe.

    2Checkout accepts a variety of credit and debit cards:

    • American Express
    • Carte Bleue
    • Discover
    • Diners Club
    • EuroCard
    • JCB
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Solo
    • Visa

    In addition, you are free to choose any of the following payment methods:

    • PayPal
    • E-Checks/ACH
    • Direct Debit
    • Local Bank Transfers
    • Wire Transfers
    • Fax Orders
    • Phone Orders
    • Mail Orders
    • Purchase Orders

    Besides, you can choose from a number of country-specific payment options.

    Please click here to make a 100% secure purchase online.

  • After an order has been placed, how and when can the license key be accessed?

    Once the payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent. Instructions and the license keys are provided in this confirmation email.

    If you haven't heard from us within 2-3 hours after placing the order, most probably your spam filter blocked an e-mail from our server. Please check your Junk or Spam folder and make sure your spam filter allows emails from the domain. If it doesn't help, please create a ticket at our support desk. A customer support specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How do I get an invoice?

    If you would like to get an invoice for one of your purchases, you'll need to contact our payment processor company:

    1. Go here
    2. Enter the e-mail address your order is registered on and your order reference number
    3. Put a check at "Receipt/Invoice" and click "Next".

    You will be re-directed to a page that will help you choose a suitable way of receiving the invoice.

  • Can I get SEO PowerSuite shipped on a CD?

    Because the software updates several times in a month, we do not offer the CD shipment option. All our products are delivered electronically, in a downloadable form.

    Because our software relies heavily on search engines data, it's updated frequently. So the best way to ensure you always stay current with our products is via an Internet download.

    Shortly after your payment is processed, you'll receive a Registration Confirmation Email containing your license information as well as your download links.

  • Do you offer any affiliate marketing program?

    Our affiliate program is a sure-fire way for you to earn extra money. You simply send people to our site and — when they make a purchase — you can get up to $197 commission from selling price!

    Jump here to learn more and sign up to SEO PowerSuite affiliate program.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can manage your subscriptions and update your billing information in your 2checkout Shopper Account.

    When you make your very first purchase at Link-Assistant.Com, you get automatically registered by our payment processor 2Checkout (former Avangate).

    Your login credentials are being sent to you via email right after you place an order. You can log in to your Shopper Account, or restore the password if lost.

    You can stop automatic renewals anytime by simply logging into the My Products section of your 2CO myAccount (available here) and clicking the "Stop automatic license renewal" link beneath each product with this option enabled.


  • What platforms/Operating Systems does SEO PowerSuite run on?

    All our products are built using the cutting-edge Java technology and run on all platforms that support it. You only need to download the corresponding installation file for your operating system.

    • Windows 2008 R2 or Higher, Windows 8; Windows 7/10 (recommended)
    • Mac OS X version: Yosemite 10.10 or newer
    • Linux distribution: Ubuntu `4.04+, Debian 8+, Fedora 24+, openSUSE 13.3+, RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 - supported; Debian GNU/Linux (recommended)

    To be sure all features will work correctly on your computer, please go through system requirements before installation.

  • What are the minimum installation requirements and how do I install SEO PowerSuite?
    Please visit this link for more information on installing SEO PowerSuite on your computer.
  • How to update my software to the latest version?

    As soon as a new version of SEO РowerSuite gets released, all you have to do is restart your tools for auto-update.

    If you wish to download the latest version from our website manually, please use the following links:

    Download Rank Tracker

    Download WebSite Auditor

    Download SEO SpyGlass

    Download LinkAssistant

  • Will I lose any of my data (keywords, ranking history, etc.) when upgrading to a new version?

    No. You data is safely kept in a different location (separate from the software installation files), so your projects, data and all software settings can not be lost during the update.

SEO PowerSuite Features

  • How many sites can I manage with LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, or WebSite Auditor?

    The number of websites you can manage with SEO PowerSuite apps is unlimited. This holds true both for the Professional and the Enterprise versions. For more information about the differences between them please click here.

  • How many search engines are supported by SEO PowerSuite?

    SEO PowerSuite apps are synchronized with more than 597 local and global search engines — and this number is constantly growing. If you would like to suggest a new search engine for addition, please follow an appropriate link from below.

    Request a new SE for Rank Tracker

    Request a new SE for WebSite Auditor

    Request a new SE for LinkAssistant

    Our support team members will analyze your request and schedule the requested search engine for inclusion into one of the upcoming versions.

  • Is SEO PowerSuite available in different languages?
    SEO PowerSuite apps are now available in 8 languages: English, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, and Slovak. Rank Tracker and SEO SpyGlass are also available in Japanese.
  • Can I customize the reports generated by SEO PowerSuite to make them match my brand?

    Yes. The SEO reports you generate with SEO PowerSuite are fully customizable.

    You can tweak and customize any detail in them: logo, colors, the report sections, search engines data to include and pretty much everything else.

  • Does the software support proxy querying?
    Yes. If needed, you can always protect your IP address using all SEO PowerSuite tools from behind a proxy.
  • Is SEO PowerSuite software search engine friendly? Can using it hurt my website in any way?

    SEO PowerSuite sends to search engines the same kind of requests a web browser sends and uses a number of advanced safety features that make sure search engines perceive all the software's requests as human-made.

    Furthermore, when SEO PowerSuite sends a request to a search engine, the request contains only the keywords, not the website. This means a search engine has no way of making a connection between the IP address of your computer, where SEO PowerSuite is running, and your or your client's website. If this was possible, anyone could send a fake request to a search engine with their competitor website in order to get them banned. So, using this software can not hurt your website.

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24. The software works for an unlimited number of websites and keywords

SEO PowerSuite does not limit its users in the number of promoted websites and the number of targeted keywords

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