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Little-known but highly useful features in SEO PowerSuite – Part 2!

How about pressing some extra juice from your SEO software?

Going through loads of requests our support team gets every day, we've noticed that some folks aren't using the full power of their SEO tools, with many helpful features going unnoticed or underestimated. To make sure you take a full grip on the vast powers of your SEO software, we've decided to create an actionable list of SEO PowerSuite's most helpful features that you might be missing out on.

Check out PART 1 of "SEO PowerSuite little-known features" guide here. And go on to the new tips we’ve prepared for you today:

Rank Tracker  Rank Tracker

Website Auditor  Website Auditor

SEO SpyGlass  SEO SpyGlass

LinkAssistant  LinkAssistant

Rank Tracker keyword research and rankings checker:
1. Track rankings of many pages optimized for the same keywords

What? How about getting into Google's top with several of your site's pages at once? That's what Rank Tracker can help with.

Besides tracking the best ranking URLs of your site, Rank Tracker lets you check rankings of different pages you optimize for the same keywords. You can easily monitor how they're doing in search results: check their current rankings or compare ranking progress over time in clear tables and visual graphs.

How? All you have to do is add different pages of your site as Competitors in Preferences -> Competitors and recheck your rankings:

Now you can track the ranking data for each of the specified pages: current rankings, ranking difference, rankings progress graphs and more.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1 extra page (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
WebSite Auditor on-page optimization tool
2. Manually add new pages to your site optimization project

What? When uploading new pages to your website, you just set WebSite Auditor to rebuild your site project. All the new pages get automatically picked up, added to your project and checked against all crucial on-page SEO factors to make sure they perfectly fit into your site's structure.

But more to that, WebSite Auditor lets you easily add new pages manually. That is an easy trick, sure to save you masses of time.

How? To do that, just right-click on any of your pages and use the Add page option in the drop down menu:

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1,000 pages max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
SEO SpyGlass backlink checker
3. Group your links — manage loads of data the most convenient way

What? Here's another SEO SpyGlass feature which proved so useful for our users, that it well deserves being brought to your attention once again. With SEO SpyGlass you can manage loads of crucial backlink data the most convenient way.

Using SEO SpyGlass's advanced grouping options, you can neatly organize all backlinks in your project into a tree-like catalogue by backlink domain (and other key backlink factors). This feature saves you a whole lot of time when analyzing large data volumes, letting you:

  • See in a glance, where all the backlinks are coming from
  • Quickly search through hundreds of entries in your project

How? Using the grouping feature is extremely easy. You can find the settings in Preferences -> Workspaces -> Edit (or access the same menu with the Workspaces button in the right top corner of your screen).

Here you see the option Group By. Tick the corresponding checkbox and choose the factor you wish your links to be grouped by.

Now, here you are. All backlinks from one and the same domain are conveniently grouped in a tree-like scheme:

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1,000 links max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
LinkAssistant link management tool
4. Importing link data from SEO SpyGlass

What? A closely-knit integration between SEO PowerSuite tools lets you multiply your SEO effectiveness many times. For instance, you can easily move data from SEO SpyGlass to LinkAssistant, making the information you gathered with SEO SpyGlass instantly actionable. You can scan your competitors' link profiles with SEO SpyGlass, export the best link sources into LinkAssistant and start getting links from these sites using all the link building power of LinkAssistant.

How? Here's how you do that:

1. Select the backlink entries in your SEO SpyGlass profile and click File -> Export -> Backlink Data.

2. Click Add and create a new export template with a *.txt file type and comma as a delimiter.

3. Export the data using your newly created template (you need to have the Enterprise version to be able to export more than 5 entries).

4. Launch LinkAssistant and go to File -> Import -> CSV file.

5. Locate the file you exported from SEO SpyGlass and click Next.

6. Select which columns from your SEO SpyGlass project you want to add, assign the destination columns in LinkAssistant and click Next.

7. Select the entries you want to import and click Finish to add them to your project.

You can now take action on the link sources uncovered with SEO SpyGlass and try to use them in your link building campaign with the help of LinkAssistant.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: No (Download)
Pro: 5 records max (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)

Now you know what'll help you get even more productive with your website promotion. So why not take action on what you've learnt? Get your SEO PowerSuite license if you don't have one yet and take advantage of SEO PowerSuite's hidden features just unveiled.

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P.S. What are your favorite "little-known features" in SEO PowerSuite? Please share your thoughts in comments!