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Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest Is Over!

Okay guys, there you are — it's November 1st and the clock just struck 1 p.m. EST.

This means that the Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest is over. Many thanks to all of you for joining this contest, having fun with us and making it a real party!

And though the hunt has come to an end, there is still much more Halloween fun ahead, because it's just the time for us to:

  • Uncover the haunting-your-curiosity answers
  • Announce the lucky winners
  • And kick off the awaited Article Authors' contest

Come on, let's get down to our festive nitty-gritty!

Here they are, the 13 wily pumpkins

Time for the naughty Halloween Pumpkins to show themselves. As promised, all the 13 of them were there, in the tools. No trickery here! :)

Here're the secret codes hidden behind them:

  • Code #1: Evil
  • Code #2: Monster
  • Code #3: Witch
  • Code #4: Pumpkin
  • Code #5: Black Cat
  • Code #6: Horror
  • Code #7: Bonfire
  • Code #8: Ghost
  • Code #9: Spirit
  • Code #10: Warlock
  • Code #11: Boo
  • Code #12: Bat
  • Code #13: Haunted

Wonder where this cunning Halloween grocery was hiding from your eager eyes?:)
Check out the pumpkin's whereabouts — >

And the winners are...

Wow! We've had 379 of you, brave Pumpkin Hunters, to file the 13 correct answers! You've been fearless, tireless and skilful! You've all won the hunt!

And here come the happiest of our winners: those 5 of you draging away the Halloween SEO treats. So we shuffle your names in the Witch's hat and...

Here they are:

  •   1. Trevor Clegg

  •   2. Claudio de Lauro

  •   3. Raphael Figa

  •   4. Daniel Hubbard

  •   5. Ryna Quynh

Congrats on the sweet SEO loot, maties! Now it's up to you to choose between:

Thi Prize

We'll be contacting you shortly! Just take your time to decide (And if by the Halloween goblins' tricks your letter gets somehow lost in the Halloween craze, please call back on us through our support folks for your prizes)

The special Halloween license will stop working tomorrow

Remember, those special Halloween licenses were issued only for the contest time, so they will stop working tomorrow. (Not today, because we wanted to leave you another day to play with the fully-functional SEO PowerSuite if you like, and check out where all the Halloween pumpkins were hiding from you.)

So if you've been using the Special Contest License Keys, make sure you're not caught off guard and grab an SEO PowerSuite license of your own if you want to keep your data in the software.

Ok, that being said, time to call it a day? No way!

Extra contest for Article Authors kicks off

Looks like this Halloween's far from running out of candy-sweet SEO treats for you, the lucky stiffs! Some sugary extras are just about to jump into your treat bag, so hold it out wider.

Remember the deal?

If you've placed an announcement of this Halloween contest on your website (with a link to our site in it), there's a chance to win an extra prize for earning more Tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s than anyone else.

Please specify the URL with the announcement and your contact email in this form.

Thanks, all requests have been accepted

We're re-checking the social counters

and will announce results on November 4th.

Note: the form accepts requests till November 3rd, 11 a.m. EST. On November 4th we will announce the results.

Thank you!

And once again: thanks a billion times over to all who participated! It wouldn't be any fun without you.

Even if you were not among the lucky ones, we hope you still enjoyed yourself. And, hey, your big time's at hand! More fun contests are coming very soon, so stay tuned, and

Happy Wicked Halloween!