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Managing Scheduled Tasks

Once you finish setting up your scheduled tasks, make sure to click OK to save the changes in Preferences. In the Scheduler menu, you'll have the list of your tasks along with their recurrence rules and the Last Run Result. You can Add a new task any time, as well as Edit or Clone an existing one.

Any task can be Removed (completely) or Disabled (temporarily, without being removed), and then Enabled back. To launch any task manually, select it and hit Run.

If you click to Edit a task, you can rename it, manage the list of projects involved (add new ones, or uncheck any) and adjust the recurrence rules anew.

Please note that the software is desktop and therefore cannot start on its own. To be able to perform the scheduled tasks, Rank Tracker has to be running. So once you finish working with it, make sure to leave it running (or minimized to Tray), and prevent your computer from Hibernating or going to Sleep mode.

You should also ensure access to project files: all of the projects involved should be accessible through the paths you specified when creating your scheduled tasks. If a project has been moved to a different folder, please update its location in the scheduled task (edit it, uncheck the project in question, and Add it anew).