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30-Day SEO Plan
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Total: 4 minutes
DAY 1-6
Total: 3 hours
Seed Keywords
30 minutes
Competitors' Keywords
30 minutes
New Keywords
30 minutes
Filtering Keywords
30 minutes
Mapping Keywords
60 minutes
DAY 7-12
On-Page SEO
Total: 3 hours
Landing Page Audit
30 minutes
Title & Meta Description
30 minutes
& Alt Texts
30 minutes
Optimizing Copy
30 minutes
Taking Page Live
30 minutes
Mobile Optimization
30 minutes
DAYS 13-15
Technical SEO
Total: 1.5 hours
Website Audit
30 minutes
Crawlability & Indexing
30 minutes
Redirects & Code
30 minutes
DAYS 16-18
Total: 1.5 hours
Backlink Audit
30 minutes
Penalty Risk
30 minutes
Disavowing Links
30 minutes
DAYS 19-29
Link Building
Total: 5 hours
Competitors' Backlinks
30 minutes
Guest Blogging
30 minutes
30 minutes
Forum Link Building
30 minutes
Verifying Backlinks
30 minutes
DAY 30
Tracking Progress
Total: 30 minutes

Filtering found keywords

Now that you have a huge list of new keywords that you've just found, it's time to get rid of those that will never bring you any traffic or conversions.

As any filtering job suggests, you need to first decide on what set of metrics you'll be relying on. To cut off those that are not representative, let's boil down our list to the three major metrics:

  • keyword difficulty
  • search volume
  • keyword length

Practice shows that keywords with search volume below 50 (too rare), keyword difficulty over 66 (too hard to rank for), and those that consist of more than 5 words (too long) should be excluded.

Now, let's see how to apply these filters in Rank Tracker:

  1. Jump to Keyword Sandbox under the Keyword Research module. This is the place where all your found keywords are stored.
  2. Click on the funnel icon in the top right corner.

  1. Hit Add filter and select # of Searches > Less than > 50, then Keyword Length > More than > 6, and finally Keyword Difficulty > More than > 66. Once you click OK, the tool will display those keywords that are not worth your effort.

  1. Now there are two options to pick from. You can either delete these keyword phrases for good (Ctrl + A in a filtered view > right-click the selection > Remove Keywords) or label them with a tag to your liking (right-click the selection > Add tags to selected records > enter how you like to call them).

As a bonus for today, here're some more filtering tips that will help you leave only the most cost-effective keywords in your arsenal:

  1. Avoid the highest competition. If you are just starting out with your website's SEO, you'll probably want to remove all keywords with extreme competition values — at least for now. With millions of sites competing for rankings for a given keyword already, it'll take you a good while to rank high for it.
  2. Select keywords with the best KEI out of the remaining ones, and ignore the ones with the worst — these are the terms with high competition and not-so-many monthly searches, so optimizing for them is hardly worth the effort at this point.

That's all for today. Now you know how to filter your new keywords and leave only those that do count. If you have any questions, make sure to drop them in the comments section below.

Up next
Tomorrow you'll learn how to map keywords to the relevant pages of your website. We'll shoot you a notification via email so that you won't miss this very important part of your daily SEO plan.