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Background jobs in all SEO PowerSuite tools
Get more SEO done while all your checks run in the background

Phew, it's been a tough few months for SEO PowerSuite's dev team! We've been revamping the tools' architecture to let you run all your SEO checks in the background so you can work with your data, switch between projects, and get more SEO work done faster while your tasks are running.

Two months ago, the update was out in Rank Tracker; today, we're happy to announce it's out in the other SEO PowerSuite tools: WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

The update is available in all SEO PowerSuite editions (including the free version). To get the update, simply launch your SEO PowerSuite apps and let them auto-update to the latest version (or, download SEO PowerSuite here).

No more waiting: work with your data before the tasks complete
Some in-depth analyses may take a little while, but you no longer have to wait for them to complete to unlock your workspace. Work with your keywords while rankings are being checked, examine your backlinks while stats on them are being collected, and even work with the first pages of your site WebSite Auditor finds while it crawls the rest of your site.
Switch between projects, modules, and dashboards while checks are running
While one of your sites is being analyzed, why not work with another one? While you're checking rankings, why not do some keyword mapping? Now you can easily work with various projects and dashboards in SEO PowerSuite, all while your checks are running.
Queue & manage your SEO checks effectively
You can now initiate new tasks even before the current one completes. To manage queued jobs, click on the task in progress in the bottom left corner of your screen to see the task that's on and the ones that will come after it. Re-order the jobs by dragging and dropping them, or cancel tasks you no longer want to complete. To view previous tasks and the logs, simply switch to the History tab.
Save time with background tasks
in each SEO PowerSuite tool

1. Work with your ranking and SERP analysis graphs while Rank Tracker checks traffic stats.

2. Build your keyword map while Rank Tracker updates your rankings.

3. Have your rankings checked in one project while you're building a report in another.

1. Examine the already found pages while WebSite Auditor keeps crawling your site.

2. Analyze one of your websites while WebSite Auditor creates a project for another.

3. Optimize one page's content and get TF-IDF recommendations while another page is being audited.

1. Work with your backlinks while SEO SpyGlass updates quality factors for them.

2. Analyze your link profile while SEO SpyGlass builds a project for your competitor.

3. Explore your link profile summary while your links are audited for penalty risks.

1. Sniff-test link prospects while LinkAssistant looks for new ones using other search methods.

2. Reach out to link prospects while the tool verifies your existing links.

3. Build or customize email outreach templates while LinkAssistant looks for link opportunities.

We hope you're as excited about this update as we are. Try out the new SEO PowerSuite, and please let us know what you think in the comments!