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Win 5 SEO SpyGlass licenses by simply checking your links in the huge new link database!

Seems a little crazy? But this is the deal!

Today you've got a chance to win 5 SEO SpyGlass licenses, and we'll give them to you for simply checking your site's backlinks with the huge new link index added to the tool a few weeks ago!

Ready to grab your win? Great, but let's put first thing first.

This new backlink index grows faster than you could imagine!

So, it's been 2 weeks already since SEO SpyGlass got reinforced with the huge new backlink index, and we just couldn't wait to hear how this much-awaited update worked for you and your sites in different niches.

With the crazy 15,000,000,000 backlinks added every day, this index promised to be the fastest growing in the world. And with loads of feedback SEO SpyGlass users sent us, telling how the number of links returned for their sites was growing every day, we couldn't keep from running a small test here too:)

And… we got astonished!

Starting with just 200,000,003,125 links on July 2, the index lists the fantastic 430,104,674,050 link URLs today — and that is 16,436,047,923 links added daily.

To tell the truth, this is more than we promised or even expected. But more to that, picking new backlinks at the current speed, this database will become the largest link index in the world as soon as on September 24!

And you can see this rapid growth even for a single taken website. Here're the results we've been getting over the past two weeks:

These are just two of the 25 sites we've tracked — and each of them has shown a considerable growth. But what about your site? We'd like to know, so — now you can make your own test and win SEO SpyGlass!

World's #1 source of backlinks for all SEO SpyGlass users!

This index is truly to become the world's #1 in terms of both quality and quantity of its link data.

And now this fantastic new backlink index is added to SEO SpyGlass - the SEO tool with the deepest, most detailed backlink research. This is the most powerful combination of unique analytical powers and unprecedented amounts of data. SEO SpyGlass now truly creates an unbeatable mix for sniper precision SEO and turns the best SEO investment for your biz.

Try paid edition FREE

And even if you still don't have enough reasons to invest into SEO SpyGlass's paid license, you can try the full powers of this tool FREE. For anyone wishing to try SEO SpyGlass with their own hands we give a fully-functional Professional license valid for 2 weeks!

Just enter your name and email address and we'll send you SEO SpyGlass download links and the fully-functional test license for 2 weeks to try and test the tool for yourself:


Win one of 5 SEO SpyGlass licenses by checking your links!

Now, finally, we've come to the cherry on the pie! Believe it or not, you can not only check your site's backlinks in SEO SpyGlass's huge backlink index totally free for 2 weeks, but also win yourself a permanent SEO SpyGlass Professional license for that!

Seems a little crazy? May be! But missing this chance to freeload is what's really crazy:)

What should you do?

1) Check your site's backlinks with SEO SpyGlass for the next 2 weeks
2) Measure how the number of backlinks grows over time
3) Publish the results of your tests on the Web — your blog, forum, Facebook page and so on
4) Give a link to your post in our special forum thread and join SEO SpyGlass licenses draw

Lucky winners will be announced on July 30th on in this very forum thread.

What your post should look like?

1) Includes what SEO SpyGlass is and where your readers can get a copy of it
2) Includes at least two different link amounts SEO SpyGlass delivered for your website

Join the contest now!

That's a perfect chance to get access to the world's fastest growing backlink index at no charge, so just
— get yourself a test license of the tool
— and check, check, check your backlinks with SEO SpyGlass!