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SEO PowerSuite + Google Analytics:
use real-time traffic analysis to run your SEO the most cost-effective way!

Traffic is one of the best indicators of SEO effectiveness, no two ways about it. That is why today your SEO PowerSuite tools are integrating with Google Analytics — the tool thousands of webmasters use to analyze their websites' visitors and traffic.

By far, Google Analytics is considered the most accurate source of ongoing visitors statistics. And from now on you can use its on-the-nose data right in your SEO PowerSuite!

Coupling SEO PowerSuite's immense SEO abilities with profound traffic data, you're getting the full picture and complete understanding of what's going on with your website and how to optimize it the most effective way.

So, what's the buzz?

From now you can use Google Analytics data right inside your SEO PowerSuite to:

  • Ensure all your SEO efforts bring actual traffic and sales, and are not wasted on traffic-shallow rankings for wrong words

  • Make sure-winning SEO decisions on the basis of objective traffic analysis

  • Guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness to each SEO step you take

As usual, to get access to the new functionality, just restart your SEO PowerSuite tools for autoupdate, or download the hot-new SEO PowerSuite from the website.

The first tools to take Google Analytics onboard are Rank Tracker and SEO SpyGlass:

Rank Tracker

Now in Rank Tracker, along with your and your competitors' search engine rankings, KEI, competition and searches for each keyword, you can also check:

  • Visits — the number of actual visitors the keyword sends to your website from search engines (according to Google Analytics)

  • Estimated visits — the estimated amount of visitors the keyword may send to your site if you rank #1 for it. Estimated visits are calculated on the basis of Google Adwords Keyword tool data using a unique formula developed by our SEO experts.

How to use the new data to improve your SEO campaign?

With Google Analytics data inside, Rank Tracker offers you all keyword analytics in one place:

  1. Use estimated visits and KEI analysis to pick the keywords that promise you the biggest traffic returns.

  2. Analyze Visits to see the actual traffic the keywords bring to your site and find out where you rank for them.

  3. Evaluate the traffic-to-ranking ratio to see which words are worth your SEO efforts. This lets you drop the words that don't cut the mustard.

  4. Go on optimizing your site for the most fruitful words and monitor how your rankings and traffic rise over time to evaluate your SEO progress.

Now you're armed with a powerful combination of all-rounded keyword data (from search engine rankings and estimated traffic perspectives to real-time visits data) to come up with brilliant keyword ideas and identify the best SEO strategy for your site.

SEO SpyGlass

The new SEO SpyGlass lets you assess your existing link sources according to the most objective factor: the actual number of visits they are sending to you.

This way you can see what link-sources work best for your site, relying not on hypotheses and approximate general values, but on the exact amount of visitors that come to your site through each link.

And don't forget that there are two ways to check what links you already have: a standard check of your site with SEO SpyGlass + import from Google Webmaster Tools right into SEO SpyGlass project (in SEO SpyGlass use the File — > New Project Expert Options)

And those are just the first integration steps. More killer features are coming in the next updates.

Note: For detailed instructions on using the new Google Analytics feature in SEO PowerSuite, click here.

Get the real value out of your top search engine rankings:
tune websites for TRAFFIC and PAYOFF with Google Analytics at hand!

Just go ahead — give SEO PowerSuite with Google Analytics a free test-drive or grab your full SEO PowerSuite license to explore advanced traffic analysis and aim your SEO to the most profitable direction.